Tim Ryan the Congressman explains the probable effects of the net neutrality repeal of FCC for small businesses. This is the transcript of the video.

Tim Ryan: I am the Congressman from OhioTim Ryan.

I believe that the decision of FCC on net neutrality is going to damage the internet as we think it today. According to me, after this, the internet will start looking at more like cable television.

What it does is it gives a tremendous power to the providers of internet service, which is going to let them to have different toll roads for websites and people who are providing content. Thus, there will be a fast lane for some ones and if the presence of fast lane mean there will be a slow lane. So, basically the service providers will determine who will get into the fast lane and who will remain in the slow lane and relegated or doesn’t get any access at all.

Now, another challenge is that the internet service providers are also offering content. So, they will always give themselves the best treatment.


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