Protesters lined up the exterior of the Senate Budget Committee hearing room while GOP leaders trying hard to convince the unwilling senators to give a support for sweeping tax package on Capitol Hill in November.

US President Trump’s first year found as complete deficiency of major policy wins. However, this will be finished by this week. Congress is on the edge of passing a huge tax bill into law. This will be the first chief legislative triumph for Trump as well as the Republicans. This will fulfill the long-held GOP goal by cutting down the corporate tax rate.

It is to remember that policy and political wins never go hand in hand. Republicans who strongly believe that issue to pass this tax bill will turn into a disaster for them in the year 2018 midterm elections, just as Trump and Sen. This time Lindsey Graham, may get less upset.

The tax bill continues to be out of favor. As per the average of the nine surveys held this month, out of them 33% of Americans are found in favor of it, on the contrary 52% opposed it completely.


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