Lyft Inc. has made major strides as far as U.S. business travelers rides are concerned. It has doubled its market share in the U.S. business travelers and left the Uber ride service in the dark. The loss of Uber Technologies Inc. rides for the business travelers is the gain for Lyft Inc.

Lyft is a ride-sharing service that has its roots in San Francisco. Its first quarter results for the ride usage by business customers have gone up to 19%. This means that it has made an increase of 10% from its first-quarter US business travelers ride usage of 2017.

The ride usage market share for Uber is at 81 percent. But, there is a small change in the business travelers trend and this is attributed to the missteps that the company took last year.

Uber Inc. is now working on getting things right as far as business travelers ride usage is concerned. Lyft is very happy with the results that it has achieved for the US business traveler’s usage. It says that it will take all the necessary steps to maintain this momentum all through 2018.

Lyft will be focusing on making business travel easy, affordable and easily accessible.


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