The small companies in the United States feel that the time is right for them to expand their business. A record number of small businesses have raised their voice for business expansion, according to the recent survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business.

This is the strongest reading that the survey has seen in the past 45-year history. One in every five small businesses said that they are looking to include more employees in their business. There is a scarcity of qualified workers and hence the job market is a bit tight. They have proposed a slew of plans to boost their capital spending in the coming months.

The recent boost to the optimism of smaller businesses is fueled by the new tax law. There is a decrease in the cost pressure from the federal government than before. They are offering a more conducive environment for the small businesses do business in America. Also, the consumers are ready to spend now than before.

The job openings in January have gone up by 31 percent than what it was in December last year. The average selling price of the shares of small businesses has risen to about 11 percent, a new high since July 2014.


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