Paul Allen, the billionaire and the co-founder of Microsoft, and his search team discovered the aircraft carrier USS Lexington, which was sunk in the Battle of Coral Sea during May 1942.

The research vessel and the team members looked for the lost aircraft carrier for the last six months.

Allen through his website made the tribute to the USS Lexington and the brave crewmen. Allen said that Americans owe some gratitude to everyone who served the country or will continue to serve the country for their sacrifice, persistence, and courage.

USS Lexington was commissioned as Battlecruiser first. It was called the “Lady Lex” and it got launched again as an aircraft carrier in 1925.

At the time of the Battle of Coral Sea, from May 4th to 8th of 1942, Lexington fought along with USS Yorktown and engaged three carriers of Japanese forces.

During the war, Lexington sustained multiple bomb hits. Secondary explosions and uncontrollable fires made the captain to order the crew to abandon ship on the evening of May 8th.

The USS Phelps destroyer sunk the smoldering Lexington by firing 4 torpedoes into the starboard side of the carrier around 8 pm. The ship shuddered and sent off great clouds of steam. However, it remained upright until the waves swept over it.

The Allen-led team has also uncovered USS Indianapolis and the Japanese battleship Musashi.


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