China had come out with changes in the tariffs on some of the key U.S. imports after the announcement by Trump to increase the trade imports into the US. One thing that China has proposed is the 25% increase in the tariff on U.S. jet aircraft import that has an empty weight between the range 15000 to 45000 kilograms.

This makes it very clear that there are trade differences and issues between the United States and China. This trade spat can pose a serious threat to the U.S. plane makers like Gulfstream and Boeing Company. The prices of planes made by these companies can increase. The European rivals feel that this might not be the case.

The Senior Vice President of Civil Aircraft at Dassault Aviation, Carlos Brana, says that the price is not the only factor that will lead to a sale. There are many other parameters involved. The marketing director of Airbus Corporate Jets, David Velupillai, said that the trade spat between the two counties will not benefit anybody in particular.

There is a huge demand for the business jets in China. The demand for these jets has upscale many of the other countries in the region. The jet manufacturers are prepared for a wait and watch policy.


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