SA must keep in mind to open the economic promise about ICT presents, and promise is also made for keeping communication extremely affordable.

The proposal for wireless open access network in the latest draft brought many benefits. The bill proposed for the wireless open access network operator house the range ā€” the frequencies which are used to transmit the sound and data to several cell phones.

Spectrum is a restricted but essential resource for so many forms of wireless communication like aeronautical, mobile telephony, and maritime navigation as well as satellite communications.

The country where connectivity is limited, any proposal which support the ICT and doing good for a public should always welcomed. Even though mobile penetration irresistibly increased, the cost of communication is on high when compared to middle-income countries along with neighboring countries.

Telkom therefore, welcomes the opening for open access mobile network provision where prices are regulated, by recognizing that there is some uncertainty about the operations which are not clear yet.

Fetching spectrum is different from commercializing. By organizing the capital aptly, the wireless open access network helps new entrants and smaller players to improve the quality of services.


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