A Red Hook section of Brooklyn Sunny’s Bar is not much look like it is just a block of red painted brick having a sign on the front door that said helpfully, bar. The Brooklyn real estate buildings are making the way for offices and condos. But the owner which is a widow of Sunny Balzano proprietor has kept the sacred space. They have family history from last 100 years and this place is termed as for ghost and here the live music you can’t listen to. It’s an old place of Brooklyn, where everyone refuses to knock.

Sunny’s bar was closed for 10 months and they fund $100,000 to repair the collapsed building. She did this for fundraising. It is always to keep your game face on. Sunny’s bar is not a single isolated case, but many owners are forced to swallow their pride in local businesses in pricier cities and to appeal the customer at the time of crisis it is a streamlined process of rising online crowd funding platforms.

The campaigns vary between businesses the reason behind is tax woes, rising rents etc. This is all common between owners and customers as the business is invaluable either if it’s not a conventional success or a conventional failure.


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