There are many US business groups and associations that are opposing the new tariff impositions that the Trump government has brought. Many of the door and the window industry, as well as other business associations, have sent a letter to the current administration opposing the new tariffs.

They feel that the increase in the tariffs on steel and aluminum imports can cause a huge dent in the U.S. economy. It can also lower the global competitiveness of the US economy.

The letter says that sweeping tariffs imposed can cause negative consequences to the economy. It can cause lots of problems with the goods and service exports, reduce the US agriculture, make US retaliation by its global partners and also increase the cost for the consumers as well as the businesses.

The imposing of taxes is not the right way to deal with the unfair Chinese policies and practices. It can cause harm to the companies in the U.S., its workers, the ranchers, farmers, U.S. investors and above all the consumers.

The increase in the tariffs will have a negative effect on the US companies that sell the components of the final products that are exported from China. There is every chance for a lot of locals losing their jobs.


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