The flu season in America is causing more than $ 15 billion loss to the employers due to lost productivity. The U.S is experiencing the worst flu outbreak in the country in a decade, according to the employment firm, Challenger, Gray, and Christmas.

The estimate revealed by the company says that the outbreak is more than usual in January 2018. It is not only causing the hospitals and nursing homes get flooded with sick people, but are causing $15.4 billion losses in the business front.

The productivity losses due to flu are taking a toll on the economy of the businesses. When employees are sick and are out for days, it creates more strain on the remaining employees who are forced to do extra work.

According to officials of the Center for Disease Control in the U.S, the nation is witnessing a sharp increase in the influenza cases. The flu is spread to 49 states and the outbreak is similar to the one in 2014-2015. During that time, more than 56,000 deaths were reported due to influenza.

The third week of January saw an increase in flu-like illness in 49 states. CDC influenza division director Dan Jemigan feels that it has been a tough season and it is not yet over.


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