The US military has said that they are investigating a video on YouTube that shows a person being shot from a vehicle. That vehicle looks like a military vehicle. The video is a three-second clip. The video shows a member of the military service firing rounds at a truck and its driver. The driver looks unarmed. The video clip is short and there is no evidence to show that the shooter was a US military service member.

Colonel John Thomas, the spokesperson of the US Central Command, said that the amateur video posted on the social media is a matter of serious concern to them. They are investigating this video. They will take necessary actions after getting the result of the video investigation.

The commander of the Central Command, General Joseph Votel, has condemned the act seen in the video. He condemns the unprofessional message shown in the video. He said that the men and the women of the US Central Command will not stoop to such levels. They are thorough professionals.

The arms and the gloved hands of the shooter are very clear in the video. But, his uniform is not that visible. The other videos have images of US Special Operations Force using different weapons in different locations. They are not images of any combat.


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