October 05, 2018 – Seven Billion Today (sevenbilliontoday.com), a global, digital platform, dedicated to raising awareness of the issues affecting mankind and the mobilization of humanity towards positive change has launched.

Featuring unbiased, fact-based news and a dynamic social media channel, Seven Billion Today’s worldwide Community lobbies governments and the U.N. with the results of daily news polls and votes.

Seven Billion Today’s Community believes that the seven billion people of the world can unite, and together, make positive change happen.

The most active votes over the last week on Seven Billion Today include:

1. UN Court Orders US To Lift Humanitarian Sanctions On Iran
80% of respondents consider the United States an “outlaw regime” under Donald Trump.

2. Art Exhibition Opens In Yemen To Highlight Human Cost Of War
50% of people think this humble yet powerful art could serve to rise above the ashes of war and tenderly touch the hearts of those consumed by violence.

3. 'Very Scary Time' For Young American Men: Trump
75% of voters think president Trump’s comments on the allegations of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh are not acceptable.

4. Environmental Groups Have Doubts About North American Trade
80% of voters think environmental issues are important for a regional trade deal.

5. Hundreds Protest Against High Prices In Yemen
75% of participants feel Saudi Arabia should lift the blockade on the rebel-held international airport and ports to save Yemen’s economy.

6. Tobacco Companies Fight Back Against Efforts To Curb Smoking
88% of people believe tobacco companies should not be trusted to help solve the smoking epidemic which claims more than seven million lives each year.

7. A sexual assault in a holy place
50% of respondents feel that the death penalty would not deter rapes in India.

8. Why are Peace and Prosperity in the world not a priority?
83% of respondents think selfishness is the reason why peace and prosperity in the world is not a priority.

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About Company: Seven Billion Today is a new, global, digital platform, providing users with a reliable source for unbiased, fact-based news, in addition to a dedicated social network, Community. Users can get involved by sharing posts, images, videos, and creating polls related to topics or issues they are passionate about. Community allows individuals to connect and interact with like-minded people from across the world.

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