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Bill Fawell, Rep. Cand. for Congress (17th District IL) today released “The Liberty Act” to end America’s unconstitutional Federal Agency style of government

We have sown the wind and the whirlwind is coming.”

— Bill Fawell

GALENA , ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 12, 2018 / — For Immediate Release, September 11, 2018, Galena, IL: Bill Fawell, Republican Candidate for Congress in the 17th District Illinois today released “The Liberty Act” proposed legislation to end the systemic failure of America’s unconstitutional ruling Federal Agency style of government, that was attacked by U.S. Senator Ben Sasse during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and drawing national attention to this plague upon America.

“Corruption has become the byword in America today and our nation teeters at the abyss. The time for half measures is gone. We are no longer a representative government, but are ruled by corrupt Federal Agencies. Here is your swamp. Here is the mean by which our ruling Deep State rules,” Fawell said. “And the only way to restore America is to re-organize this bankrupt federal government under my proposed ‘Liberty Act, which restores the original tenets of our Constitution.’”

“Look at the divisions in our society, our government is both fiscally and morally bankrupt, which history defines as Revolution. Our government is in systemic failure and threatens our constitutionally elected President by coup,” Fawell explained. “Today we are watching our Revolution unfold in real time.”

The foremost study of historic revolution is found in Crane Brinton’s “Anatomy of a Revolution” (1936), which studied the 4 primary western revolutions from England in the 1640s, America in 1776, France in 1789, and Russia in 1917. Brinton’s conclusion separated revolutions into 4 basic steps, 1) Turning of the Intellectuals, 2) Moderate Government, 3) Violence, and 4) the Thermidor, a post generational consolidation of power.

“Bernie and Trump comprise stage one of Brinton’s analysis. The Trump government represents the second stage, a moderate government, which never survives,” Fawell foretold. “ And when the slings and arrows of treason cause this government to end, that is when the real shooting starts.”

“I have studied Revolutions for decades and I can guarantee America the only way out is to return our nation to the constitutional Liberty contained in our United States Constitution,” Fawell said. “Liberty is defined as when the people rule over their government and that is not what we have today. My proposed 'Liberty Act' denies our rulers the means to rule us. It’s the only way we can get our country back, we have to shut down all the law making powers of the Federal Agencies and their bureaucrats.”

It is estimated Federal Agencies create 90% of the laws in America today without the participation of Congress. It employ’s 10,000 lobbyists spending $3 billion, only a third of which goes to Congress.

“Billionaires and multi-national corporations employ 10,000 lobbyists spending $3 billion a year to buy the best laws their money can buy,” Fawell explained. “It’s why the 5 richest counties in America surround Washington DC. It’s why all the nations wealth has been funneled to the top ruling 1%. It’s why there is no longer a Middle Class, because we American’s are not represented in this corrupt system of making laws.”

“George Washington warned us in his Farewell Address to the Nation in 1796 that the one thing America cannot do is to assign a power of Congress to any public or private agency, because this power will always end up in the hands of ‘cunning, ambitious and unprincipled men’ and ‘this is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.’ We have sown the wind and the whirlwind is coming,” Fawell warned. “My proposed 'Liberty Act' is the only way out.”

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Contact info; Bill Fawell: 1.815.353.9888; [email protected],, Elect Fawell on FB, @realBillFawell

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“The Liberty Act” Proposed legislation to end the rule of America by Bureaucrats and Billionaires.


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