Trump reviews Dodd-Frank act


Despite the halt of the fiduciary rule by President Trump, continues to empower individual investors to take control of their retirement accounts with a variety of tools and educational online events. which has recently been in the news for its new eLearning course on maximizing income in retirement, now offers a robust online portal with on-demand videos, calculators, and advanced planning details for those who want more control over their investments.

When President Trump ordered a new review of the Dodd-Frank Act earlier this year, he also halted the implementation of the fiduciary rule, which would have required financial advisors to work in the best interests of clients and their retirement accounts. In response, JP Morgan Chase rescinded its plans to turn over client accounts to clients as self-directed retirement plans.

Individuals still have this option and can opt to roll over their existing IRAs and 401ks to self-directed plans which provide access to a broader range of investment choices, along with the same tax advantages traditional plans provide. These include self-directed IRAs, 401ks, Solo(k) plans, real estate IRAs, precious metals IRAs, and IRA LLCs. is on a mission to educate individuals about these options, and how to safely and profitably implement them, so that they can control their own financial futures. These plans allow individuals to choose their own investments, within the boundaries of IRS rules, while enjoying tax deferred or tax-free gains, and avoiding the costly layers of fees that traditional finance houses and brokerages result in.

SDIRA Director Jon Kopp, says that “retirement account holders have been gravitating to these plan types rapidly,” with the organization’s membership growing by an additional “25,000 members last year.” In addition to retirement savings calculators, articles, and an online member forum, hosts regular web-based events featuring industry experts to provide greater knowledge in this area.

Investors wanting to become affluent in SDIRA investing can join SDIRA University for free at

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