WASHINGTON, Aug. 7, 2018 — Skål International USA, an organization of tourism leaders across the United States, will stress transportation investment as a means to keep American tourism functioning smoothly and competitive with other national destinations around the world, based on a new decision of its executive committee on August 6, 2018.

The United States is beginning to see holiday weekend traffic patterns on a daily basis, none of our airports are in the world's top 25, and intermodal rail connections between air terminals and down towns are simply too few and far behind those in other countries,” said Burcin Turkkan, Skål International USA President.

“We recognize that there is an infrastructure backlog of a trillion dollars in road, bridge, tunnel, rail, and airport upgrades needed to bring us to a level at which movement to and through the United States is more easily facilitated,” she said.  “It is important to note that transportation infrastructure appropriations always have a broad base of bipartisan support and that President Trump campaigned on the issue of a trillion-dollar investment in this area in 2016.  We support that vision.”

Skål International USA will be part of a greater travel industry coalition supporting this large investment in public transportation projects.  Led by US Travel, the industry umbrella organization, tourism organizations across America are supporting this effort.

Skål International USA is stepping up by making transportation investment its top legislative priority and will lobby for funding being identified and enacted by legislation or appropriation.

SKÅL International USA is currently the largest National Committee within Skål International with ~ 2,000 members and 50 clubs nationwide.  For more information on SKÅL International and SKÅL USA, and to find out more about the organization membership opportunities, go to www.skalusa.org

Steve Richer

Director of PR & Communications, SKÅL USA

[email protected]

SOURCE Skal International USA

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