John Griswald novelist of epic war and love tale “Girl From Rue Serpente,” wants to know if President Trump has a secret agenda. He is planning a military coup?

Is President Trump secretly planning a military coup for the United States?”

— “Girl From Rue Serpente” author John Griswald

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If you want to read John Griswald's questions or comments, please read on. Here's what “Girl From Rue Serpente' novelist has to say about Donald Trump:

1. President Trump gets what he wants. Or does President Trump get “away with” what he wants?

2. President Trump is running the Presidency. Or is he ruining the Presidency?

3. President Trump is now pitching lies, outright lies, and more lies. Whatever happened to good old-
fashioned half-truths?

4. Is Trump only a Present-dent or a real President?

5. Does President Trump have a secret agenda? Is it a military coup in the United States with him as

The American public needs to find out now, what is really going on with the Presidency of the United States!

It's time for the American press, talk shows — morning, noon and night, national newspapers and magazines,
and all news outlets to ask the American public and all people involved with these questions and get real answers. Once and for all!

Thanks for reading.

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