HELSINKI, FINLAND – 12-24-2018 ( — In difficult economic time, brand reputation is increasingly important. This is when public relation comes into play. However, getting the most out of PR without wasting budget is a challenge, given the growing digitalization of Finnish media and increasing distrust in advertising of Finnish people. The book details solution to this problem. It has received positive reviews from YLE’s news editor and Stockholm Business Group Association’s President.


In September 2018, Nordea Bank predicted in its economic outlook report that Finnish economy’s growth would contract in 2019 & 2010 due to labor market mismatch and cooling export market.

 With growth on a decline, Finnish companies are looking for areas to cut expenses, and marketing budget is one of candidates. This short-term solution solves operating cash problems quickly, but at the expense of a long-term strategy to maintain client loyalty, grow healthy reputation and support sales.

 Anton Ngo, an Aalto University’s alumnus, founder of FinlandPR ( published a book on 10, December, 2018, titled Fennomenal PR: From Obscurity to Omnipresence. The book emphasizes that good PR is the long-term solution to stand out from the crowded market, become known as industry experts while paying less expense than other forms of promotion. For businesses struggling to maintain growth, as the book pointed out, good thought leadership position (via a constant stream of news, mentions in articles and media interviews) builds the know-like-trust factor, and can help retain current clients as well as bringing in new clients.  Notable quotes from top publications is used to support this argument such as:
 + “96% of Finnish decision makers consider communication management important” – ProCom.Fi
+ “PR builds brands and generates awareness-fast.” – Inc.
 + “PR – even though it is underutilized – is extremely effective when properly leveraged” – Harvard Business School
+ “77% CEOs say PR increases sales” – The Value of Corporate Reputation Survey


By mentioning Statista’s 2018 survey’s results
+ “70 percent of female and 15%-30% of male respondents said “I find the ads on news websites disturbing”
 + “64 percent of respondents under 35 years old, and 75 percent of the respondents over 35 years old, believed that they could trust most of the news that they followed”
 the book asserts that skepticism over the truthfulness of advertisement means that overspending on ads by Finnish companies is not a smart use of marketing budget. Instead, it advocates for the usage of public relations to builds trust via authentic stories written by credible third-party publications. “A good story is like a caterpillar; a newsworthy story that makes it to the news is like a butterfly”, says the author Anton Ngo

It is also stated in the book that as media is increasingly digitalized in Finland, where weekly reach for ezines (online magazines, newspapers and news websites) is higher than for print media (Statistia, 2018), Finnish companies need to evaluate which media is most suitable for their public relations campaigns based on demographics of their clients and the ease of converting readers/watchers into website visitors.


Based on the principle of Omnipresence Marketing, the book details specific strategies and practical advices to earn media coverage, manage thought leadership campaigns, organize media events, manage online reputation, prepare for media interview, book speaking engagements, run influencer marketing campaigns, manage crisis communications. It is written for business owners, managers, communications and marketing pros who want to take the most out of public relations.

The book features hundreds of case studies of companies, media quotes, study results and public figures  in Finland, for example
 + Companies: Marimekko, Tokmanni, Sonera, Kela, Danske Bank, Mehiläinen, Tallink,
 + Media outlets: Helsingin Sanomat, Yle, Kauppalehti, Talouselämä, ProCom,
 + Public figures: Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, Former Finnish President Tarja Halonen, Former Finnish Prime Minister Anneli Jäätteenmäki
 + Recent case studies in 2018: crisis management in Dolce & Gabbana’s racism scandal, spokesperson failure in Donald Trump’s comment on the “raking in Finland”


Fennomenal PR” quickly gets #1 New Release Best Seller in 5 categories (Public Relations, Media & Communications, Industrial Marketing, Business Consulting, Social Media) after 2 days and gets #1 Best Seller in 2 categories (Commerce, Social Media) after 10 days. It has gotten 10 5-star ratings from book buyers within 10 days. The book also gets positive reviews from Finnish editors at YLE and Finnish managers such as:

 “Anton Ngo has made a useful and concise handbook with the do and don’t for your business to avoid unnecessary mistakes.” –  Christian Forsberg, Senior News Editor at Svenska Yle, Finland National Public Service Broadcasting Company

 “This book provides a more effective way to understand and make a more profitable relationship with the media consumers now and also in the future in our constant evolving media” Keijo Hotti, System Manager at Yle, Finland National Public Service Broadcasting Company

 “The book shows how effective PR campaigns could deliver remarkable results. Lots of practical advices describe how PR should work. The book is easy to read and it is useful even for media professionals.”Vesa Toikka, Spokesman, Finnish Pension Association Magazine

 “Anton has come up with an entertaining but still informative package of useful knowledge”Olli Enroth, Project manager at CGI Finland Ltd.

 “Organized in an easy to follow way and written in a simple effective manner, this book can be a gold mine for your company’s marketing and PR budget.” – Kent Andersson, President of FGS – Association of Stockholm Business Groups


The author mentions that his book is a his response to Ryan Holiday’s “Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator”, a controversial book about corrupted commercial media and dark PR tactics such as spreading fake rumors. The author took a stance on Holiday’s perspective of the media:

“Even though media is a business in everywhere, media freedom from government’s agenda and economic interests of third parties vary among countries. The rampancy of media manipulation like what is described in Ryan’s book, also depends on how toxic the economy is and how corrupt the news business is. Ryan’s negative perspective over media business and PR industry may not totally apply to media environment outside the USA. In other words, PR can be morally ethical while creating positive influence, should the PR pros choose to do so.”

The author Anton Ngo mentions that “Fennomenal PR” is the culmination of years of his research and experience. His PR Agency, based in Helsinki, Finland, aims to help companies amplify brand message, maintain good reputation and accelerate growth.


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Anton Ngo is the #1 best-selling author of “Fennomenal PR: From Obscurity to Omnipresence“, a book based on the principle of Omnipresence Marketing that helps companies amplify brand message, maintain good reputation, sell more with ease and accelerate growth.
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 He is the owner of, a boutique PR Agency based in Helsinki, Finland. He spent 2 years doing freelancer work, running his bookstore, and travelling before completing Bachelor Degree at Aalto University School of Business, the largest business school in Finland, in 2018.
 He also founds and runs a non-profit HelpNLD at dedicated to help individuals with Nonverbal learning disability to achieve their best potential in life.
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