Themed with “Belt and Road” initiative, IBF Silk Road Championship Tournament Inaugural Fight and the 1st IBF B&R Annual Convention aim to improve the integrated development of intercultural communication and share the opportunity of the booming economy and society along the region. Based on its special location, rich international communication experience, fine infrastructure, qualified city service and appealing city image, Macau, an amazing city where integrates Chinese and Western culture, will play an important role in the IBF B&R region.

As the chief strategic partner of the games, Wynn Palace provides the comprehensive support for the games. Especially in the aspect of providing services for boxers, Wynn Palace’s profession and consideration gives boxers a fresh and cozy experience in the city and makes them keeping a stable condition to attend the weigh in ceremony and the competition in the following day.

Besides taking part in the preparation of the IBF Silk Road Championship Tournament Inaugural Fight, Wynn Palace also engaged in the preparation of the 1st IBF B&R Annual Convention. For instance, Welcome Party, General Meeting, Professional Meeting, the Forum of Integrated Development of Sports and Economy in B&R Region and IBF B&R Charity Party will all be held in Wynn Palace. Just as a good horse needs a saddle, choosing Wynn Palace, the most featured resorts in Macau, to hold the very important conference and forum of professional boxing field is a meaningful thing. On the occasion, the participants discuss the future development of professional boxing along the Belt and Road area, explore the trend of the integrated development of sports, culture and economy in the region and how Macau can take advantage of holding the IBF Silk Road Championship Tournament and its own resources to improve the city’s diversified development.

It’s the second time that Wynn Palace joins hands with IBF since they had cooperation firstly in the 5th CCTV Chinese Lunar New Year Cup IBF World Championship in January this year. IBF has become well-known in Macau for its world-fame image, excellent resources for boxers and qualified games. While Wynn Palace, a classic resort hotel themed with flower in the city, owns rich experience and good reputation in art exhibition, leisure and entertainment, hotel service, cuisine and health physiotherapy. In the cooperation of this new games, IBF and Wynn Palace will further their cooperation in the aspect of Sports + Tourism, Sports + Entertainment, Sports + Leisure, as well as promote Macau as the Tourism and Leisure Center of World.

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