MONTGOMERY, AL – 01-21-2019 ( — Two of the major issues that consumers have with their phone carrier is excessively high fees and bill unpredictability.

But, one of the biggest issues the millennial community face is simply not being able to afford their monthly bill. The millennials today are ages 18-35, but the group that faces the affordability issue the most is the 18-25 age group.

1 in 4 parents is footing several of their 18-25 year old’s bills even with them working a full-time job. The most common bill picked up by parents are the phone bill.

The average phone bill with large carriers is $90+ for one line. With excessive fees, taxes and even over-data usage fees, this amount is unpredictable.

“A phone service that caters to the millennial community is a need. Dealing with fees and overly priced plans are what caused me to pursue a solution that would work for us: the millennials, ” states Chaymeriyia Moncrief, founder of Tesix Wireless a millennial-focused prepaid carrier that launched earlier this year.

Tesix Wireless is a feeless and less competitive solution that enable millennials to have more flexibility with their wireless plans. Operating on 3 of the Nation’s Largest Networks, Tesix provides its users the ability to have more options on which network they’d like their service on.

With plans starting at $25/mo and unlimited everything plans starting at $45/mo, Tesix cuts in half the average cost of your wireless bill while offering Unlimited Talk, Text, Data and even plan incentives.

Operating only on their website, with no brick and mortar stores or a widespread of franchises, Moncrief believes eliminating the excessive overhead is the key to keeping rates low and affordable.

“I think opening stores and building on every corner of every neighborhood is not essential to our brand. Because we are a millennial-focused carrier, we are targeting a segment of users that lives and breaths the internet, their mobile devices, and convenience.

And because of the convenience millennials want, I believe we will attract our target quicker in our social efforts faster than we will attract them with stores, billboards, and other traditional outlets,” she expresses.

Tesix Wireless is entering the space with a variety of big players, but with their clear focus on the millennial community unlike the others, they feel they have tactics and advantages that will allow them to move up in the telecom space.

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