United States, Maryland, Potomac – 11-25-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Happy Healthy Retirees (https://www.happyhealthyretirees.com), an online information platform dedicated to the Baby Boomer generation, today stated in response to inquiries that a recent public response by AARP with respect to the currently popular soundbite  “OK Boomer” is a disservice to the issues and economic needs which  the baby boomer generation, and, in particular, retirees face at their stage in life.


The AARP statement which was “OK millennials, but we are the people that actually have the money” is particularly disturbing because AARP’s marketing platform promotes how it is an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of retirees. Yet, the AARP remark is misleading, conducive to promoting generational warfare, and demonstrates that AARP itself may be out of touch with serving the best interests of its members.


“AARP touts that it has approximately 38 million members and has about $1.6 billion in revenue. This means that AARP, the organization, certainly may have in its bank accounts the money about which it refers to in its remark, but it does not mean that its bank account is reflective of the financial condition and planning of baby boomers in general and retirees in particular.” 


Happy Health Retirees recognizes that the needs confronting the older segment of the population in our society are varied and, thus, how important it is that baby boomers have access to resources to address these needs as individualistically as possible. This is why Happy Healthy Retirees is an information based online community dedicated to helping provide retirees access to leading edge advice, resources, and an interactive platform to enjoy a happy, healthy, and stress free retirement.  


“It is a fact that many of the baby boomer generation do not ”have all the money”.  It also is a fact that all generations find appealing opportunities where from time to time  they can access for free information to address their needs.

Accordingly, Happy Healthy Retirees is offering baby boomers and millennials a one year complimentary membership. 

Millennials, along with Gen-Xers and Gen-Zers, may gift the memberships to their baby boomer friends and family. 

However, since Happy Healthy Retirees is growing, it must limit the number of complimentary memberships to the 500,000 offered in the following link.  


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