LOUISVILLE, KY – 09-18-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Vehicle wrap advertising agency Adder Mobile announces new addition to the team, Dr. Timothy McDonald, as Director of Business Development.

Dr. Timothy McDonald has joined the Adder team as the Director of Business Development. 

The Louisville-based car wrap advertising agency is excited to welcome Dr. McDonald, who brings 40 years of experience as a business and education professional.

Dr. McDonald has held sales and international business development roles with Fortune 500 companies, such as Dow Jones and the former Knight Ridder Inc. He has travelled to 34 countries on business and has operated out of offices in New York, Chicago, and London.

Dr. McDonald says that he brings to the table, “…many years of business development experience, in both the domestic and international arenas, [and] years of developing relationships and previous consulting on other startups. Most importantly–since Adder is a data-driven business–I understand that industry, having spent a good bit of my career in the information industry.”

Adder Chief Executive Officer and Product Designer Ian Gerard says that Adder is excited to have the seasoned sales professional on board. 

“Dr. Tim McDonald brings over 30 years of international business experience to the Adder team, as well as thousands of connections,” said Gerard. “He has worked in numerous countries, and even worked for Dow Jones previously. We are proud to welcome Tim to our Board of Directors and we look forward to working with him!”

While the team at Adder is thrilled to have Dr. McDonald and his business acumen at their company, Dr. McDonald is just as excited to join the Adder team.

“I’m excited about the technology and what it offers clients…and marrying my business development knowledge and resources to the high energy of the Adder team,” he said.

Adder is bringing together technology and creative outdoor advertising. Dr. McDonald’s vast knowledge of international and domestic business will be vital in helping Adder work with organizations of all sizes as they promote their brands and build trust in their communities. 

In addition to his background in sales and business, his Academic experience will help the growing company as it brings vehicle wrap advertisements to the forefront of creative advertising campaigns across the country.   

Dr. Timothy McDonald has an Ed.D. focused on Organizational Development and Leadership from Oakland City University. He teaches in the MBA program at the DeVoe School of Business at Indiana Wesleyan University.

You can contact Dr. McDonald through Linkedin or through his email- [email protected]

Adder Mobile Technologies is the new frontier of Out Of Home advertising. The Louisville-based company offers clients a new way to build and measure creative, effective advertising campaigns. Adder also helps drivers make passive income while driving, because Adder pays drivers in their client’s target area to wrap their cars with the client’s ad. Because outdoor advertisements are viewed 2.5x more favorably than online ads, car wrap advertising leaves a lasting impression with the viewer.  With the Adder Mobile app, a business can track how your ad performance and how many people are being exposed to it. For more information about Adder and to start your next creative advertising campaign, go to www.addermobile.com.

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