With payroll cycling as often as once a week and clients paying their invoices every 30, 60, even 90 days, staffing companies find themselves in a financial bind. Not paying temporary employees on time could tarnish a staffing company’s reputation and stunt growth. Every staffing company owner knows that, the day you miss payroll, is the day you are out of business. Missed wages or taxes, put a staffing company at risk of hefty regulatory fees. Why not bypass this and consider partnering with a reputable, specialized service provider? This is what AGR Financial recommends, a leading specialized service provider, known for its innovative financing programs for staffing companies.

Unlike the average specialized service provider, reputable staffing funding companies do not approach clients with a one-size-fits-all. Instead, they understand every staffing agency is different—some experiencing rapid financial growth, others managing financial tough times. Therefore reputable financial providers use their broad experience within the capital market, customizing a plan that will benefit the staffing company’s financial goals.

Reputable financial providers, like AGR Financial, are consistent and dependable. As soon as invoices are submitted, these specialized service providers will send you up to 90% of the face amount back—immediately. They know this is time sensitive. They know, because of your rapid growth, you have stacks of invoices but do not have access to funds at the moment. There is payroll that needs to be paid, as well as needed funding for a business to grow. Let staffing funding be a tool to minimize unnecessary growing pains by supplying funds on a regular, predictable basis.

Payroll funding relieves staffing companies from feeling worried about expenses piling up. It meanwhile gives them room to save. A reputable funding staffing company though, will go one step further; they’ll check in with you regularly reviewing your financial plan, seeing if there needs to be any adjustments.

From freeing up more working capital to less out-of-pocket expenses, funding is a viable option to encourage financial growth. With over two decades of experience within the staffing industry, AGR Financial knows what financial path will maximize your earnings. Given the fact that they only work with staffing companies, makes them an expert within the field. They also offer unlimited financing, financial growth for weekly savings, zero extra fees, and 100% confidentiality, plus more.  AGR Financial is a leading Staffing Funding provider. For more info regarding the financial needs of the staffing industry click here: http://www.agrfinancial.com/staffing-financial-needs/.

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