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Alpha Recon, a Colorado-based risk management technology firm, is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with i-Comm Connect to integrate their patented calling and multichannel communications product with Alpha Recon solutions to enhance their product offering.

In the agreement with i-Comm Connect, Alpha Recon will leverage the patented one-touch monitoring features to deliver enhanced benefits with all product offerings. “We’re excited to have i-Comm as our exclusive partner for integrated communications and one-touch calling,” says Toby Houchens, CEO and Founder of Alpha Recon. “They have a strong platform built on reliable, secure, and patented technology that is second to none. We look forward to delivering fully integrated, multi-channel communication capabilities to our customers.”

i-Comm Connect was founded in 2009 in Portland, ME to provide a better means of secure and direct calling solutions for businesses who need to interact with customers or assets quickly. Their flagship product, TACTAL, uses patented cloud-based technology to provide an instant communications solution for users to initiate a secure, free VoIP call with just one touch. TACTAL can also be used to initiate secure video, messaging, conferencing, location services and data capture, dramatically reducing telco costs for businesses around the globe.

“We are thrilled to partner with Alpha Recon and are certain their customers will see the benefits of TACTAL instantly,” said Kevin Mahaney, CEO, i-Comm Connect. “Alpha Recon is the premier risk management solutions provider, and with TACTAL, they add top of the line communications capabilities to give their clients’ assets the security of knowing they can get in touch and be accounted for at any time and from anywhere.”

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Alpha Recon

Alpha Recon provides organizations with proactive web and mobile application based risk management technology that delivers highly relevant safety, travel, and risk intelligence affecting personnel, assets, and locations around the globe. Alpha Recon uses multiple localized data sources, and emerging big data technologies, to provide highly granular, timely, and relevant risk-focused intelligence that allows customers to be aware in near real-time of threats and potential issues, know how they impact the organization, make critical decisions, and quickly communicate alerts and intelligence to company stakeholders and personnel around the world. For additional information visit or call (855) 363-6362.

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iComm Connect

i-Comm Connect is a cloud service provider offering a platform for real-time multichannel communications. As a market leader, our focus is on developing cutting-edge technology (Patents: USA, Japan, & Canada) and driving the shift to innovative online customer engagement solutions.

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Source: Alpha Recon

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