United States, Illinois, Chicago – 02-03-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — (Chicago,IL)—Chicago based career and leadership coaching company Ama La Vida, is now adding health and wellness coaching to their repertoire of results-oriented and successful coaching opportunities. Combining their innovative eCoaching technology and proven coaching methods, Ama La Vida is ready to provide a new level of rigor that is defining what successful coaching looks like.

Ama La Vida’s new health coaching offerings include: The ALV Health Method, a holistic approach to health which assesses and prioritizes goals across mental, physical, spiritual and relational health. To ensure that this new style of coaching matches the same level of high-quality coaching expertise that Ama La Vida continuously provides, Ama La Vida has hired a select few of the nation’s top health coaches. Jill Dreisilker, one of Ama La Vidas newest certified Health & Wellness Coaches, has been brought on to provide a 12-week Body Confidence coaching program which focuses on your relationship with food and your body. Sophie Bibbs, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health coach and Certified Gut Health Specialist, provides specialized Gut Health coaching that looks to improve your nutrition and gut health and helps clients identify what’s at the root of their health and wellness problems and challenges them to make sustainable changes. Last but not least is certified coach Sara Dawson, Career Burnout aficionado, provides ways to help manage any and all job-related stress. Sophie Bibbs has a truly interesting background that has helped her to become the successful coach that she is today. Originally from London, Sophie experienced her own fair share of gut and digestion issues while working in the corporate world of marketing and media. However, those issues truly came to a boiling point when she experienced a parasitic infection after living in Malaysia. Using these experiences, Sophie inspired herself and dedicated her time and effort into her successful Certified Health Coach career.“Our mission at Ama La Vida is to help people love life which is the meaning of our name. We set out to help people find work that was personally fulfilling while also meeting their financial and lifestyle needs. After years of successfully coaching people through career transitions and helping them navigate tricky leadership situations at work, we knew we needed to take it a step further. Even in our career coaching, health, stress and burnout almost always come up in conversation. All of these factors are intertwined- so we knew it was time to recruit some of the nation’s top health coaches to be able to provide health and wellness coaching to our clients.” – CEO and Co-founder of Ama La Vida, Nicole Wood. This new array of services that Ama La Vida offers allows people to really get the full experience  on how beneficial a certified coach can be in one’s life. The scale of services and expertise that are now under the Ama La Vida umbrella provide a one stop shop for all of your coaching needs. For any media inquiries regarding Ama La Vida, please feel free to reach out to Jillian Petro at [email protected] or at (317) 490-3082.Ama La Vida: An innovative career, life, health and leadership coaching company with a mission to help people love what they do. They help their clients love their lives and not have to wait until they get home from work to start doing so. They help to craft a vision for success and find work that’s personally fulfilling and aligned with the individual. For more information you can go to: https://alvcoaching.com/health-and-wellness-coaching/body-confidence-coaching/https://alvcoaching.com/health-and-wellness-coaching/gut-health-coaching/                                                                                                          

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