Chicago, IL — (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 09/27/2017 — The aging populations are more vulnerable to health disorders and are more prone to age-based diseases as compared to the younger population. Hence, they need to be continuously monitored to ensure a healthy living. Ambient assisted living is a highly advanced type of assisting system which is used to help old aged or physically disabled people who chose to live independently. It works by using information and communication technology in personal healthcare applications which can cater to the needs of the aged population. Assisted living facilities like telemonitoring and telecommunication can help to monitor visually impaired or hearing-impaired people. It provides a much safer, healthier, and better environment for living. This report studies the current and future aspects of the ambient assisted living market.

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1. Taking care of old aged people becomes a challenge because of their deteriorating health. It becomes a bigger challenge when they chose to live independently and they do not have anyone who can take care of them. This is when ambient assisted living facilities support and provide a healthier and safer environment to the aged people for better living standards.

2. Advancement of technology and rise in demand for new facilities for smart homes is driving the global ambient assisted living market. An increased concern of safety and security is contributing towards the market growth. In addition, increase in aging population worldwide and requirement for managed care is boosting the market growth further.

3. Countries like U.S., Germany, U.K, France, Spain and Japan are taking measures to develop managed care of old aged population which is creating growth opportunities for the ambient assisted living market.

The global ambient assisted living market is divided into five major geographical segments which are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America. The North America region holds the highest market share and is the largest revenue contributor for the ambient assisted living market. The region is dominant because of advancement in technology and rise in demand for smart homes for the old aged and physically disabled people who chose to live independently. There has been a significant growth in the number of ambient assisted living facilities during the forecasted period in this region, because of which the region shall continue to dominate the rest during the forecasted period. Next in line is the Europe region which is witnessing a rapid market growth during the forecasted period due to increase in aging population. Asia-Pacific region is also growing steadily because countries like China and Japan are facing problem of aging population and taking measures to make their lives more comfortable and healthier.


This report analyzes the ambient assisted living market by the following segments:

Ambient Assisted Living Market, by Management System

1. Safety & Security Systems
2. Communication System
3. Medical Assistance System
4. Power Management System
5. Entertainment

Ambient Assisted Living Market, by Sensors

1. Temperature Sensor
2. Occupancy Sensor


Key players in the ambient assisted living market include:

1. Assisted Living Technologies, Inc.
2. Honeywell International, Inc.
3. Siemens AG
4. Ingersoll Rand Plc.
5. Legrand SA
6. ABB Group
7. Tunstall Healthcare Ltd.
8. Chubb Community Care
9. Televic N.V.
10. Telbios

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