LOS ANGELES, CA – 08-30-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Borrtex, real name Daniel Bordovsky, is a new composer striking out in the world of soundtrack composition. Starting life as a filmmaker, Borrtex has subsequently developed a style which is all his own, with a film composition niche – despite initial hesitation to enter the music world at all. 

Between school work and life in his home country of Prague, Borrtex was unsure whether the music industry was the right world for him; but after one year, already achieving impact which few composers could only dream of – including 150,000 downloads on music sites, more than 1,500,000 streams of his music worldwide and most importanly over 2,000 music project placements – Borrtex is sure that his future lies in soundtrack composition. 

A trip to Los Angeles in 2017 solidified Borrtex’s commitment to soundtrack composition, after a meeting with famed film composer James Newton Howard. An additional interview with noted composer Danny Elfman and one of the most famous film composers worldwide, Hans Zimmer, helped further enhance Borrtex’s desire to follow in their footsteps. 

“I’ve always been a huge movie fan, and as someone with a sensitive ear, I could easily notice any melodic change that was happening in the background of a film,” says Borrtex. Having worked tirelessly on perfecting his own distinct sound, Borrtex is now ready to seek new collaborations and take his music to the next level. His music has already been noted for its atmospheric soundscapes, including ambient backgrounds, electronic synth and orchestral elements.; all adapted to suit his distinctive and original melodies.

Initially, Borrtex was releasing his music completely free of charge. You could download, listen and even use in your non-profit projects. In March 2018, Spotify selected his track ‘We Are Saved’ for addition to one of the largest music playlists in the world (having over 2,500,000 followers), and there has been a distinct spike in the number of listeners to all of his online tracks. Collaboration is currently key to the composers approach, with the GaryVee Online Show as one such example. 

“I plan to compose as much music as possible. I want to work hard on myself, to discover new things,” says Borrtex. “I want to be an explorer – and lose myself in music. I like the idea of sailing in the middle of an unknown river – it forces you to be creative.”

Find out more at the official website https://www.BORRTEX.com/

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