RIVERSIDE, CA – 11-15-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — American Emergency Restoration and Reconstruction Services of Riverside, California releases news that they have been certified to treat homes in Southern California with a non-toxic mold neutralizing agent. American Emergency Restoration and Reconstruction Services has been serving the Southern California customers in water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation for over 10 years and is family owned and operated. They have helped remove mold from homes throughout Southern California in that time. Now, they are offering a industry changing service, which could help treat people’s homes in ways that could be safer for local families. 


The Non-Toxic mold neutralizing agent used by American Emergency Restoration and Reconstruction services is used so rarely in California because of the added cost of being approved and trained in the operation. American Emergency wanted to make sure that Southern California customers could received the best service possible, and are now offering the mold neutralizing service for both residential and commercial services. There are only a couple companies in the entire state of California that are certified to in the operation of the non-toxic mold neutralizing system.


When asked about why they wanted to start neutralizing mold with the non-toxic agent, owner Steve Watson said, “It is generally accepted in the industry that grinding mold off the surface or encapsulation as the standard for completing a job, but it did not feel right to be leaving mold in people’s homes. So I began looking for another solution that we could offer to our customers. We happened to find the perfect solution in Goldmorr, a non-toxic mold neutralizing agent”.


American Emergency Restoration and Reconstruction Services says that they are looking forward to providing a superior service that is better for the customers and their families. For more information you can reach American Emergency Restoration and Reconstruction Services at (949) 800-5367.


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Company Name: American Emergency Restoration and Reconstruction Services
Full Name: Steve Watson
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Website: https://drymyhousefast.com/

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