LOS ANGELES, CA – 12-17-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Cision is a large corporation and PRWeb is one of the subsidiaries of Cision. They have been  offering press release distribution services for over 12 years now and often provide discounts to their customers using their coupon codes.

The PRWeb coupon codes can be found on sites like Retailmenot and Goodshop. Customers can get a 10-15% discount using these coupon codes. They also offer a 10% discount for their first-time customers.

PRWeb press release distribution plans start from $99 and their Premium package to make a press release “Go Viral” costs $389. With their Premium PR (press release) distribution plan, they guarantee syndication to 1,200+ partner websites, powered by PR Newswire, offer proofreading and search engine (Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc.) enhancement. However, for urgent press releases, they charge $99 if a customer wants to get their press release distributed within a 4-hour deadline.

The Premium plan that PRWeb offers sounds quite interesting. However, some of their recent customers have left a surprisingly negative feedback. Here is what a customer wrote in a review on trustpitlot.com on June 10, 2018:  * “PRWeb is utterly horrible. This is what happens when you have a monopoly. Their editors are the most stupid, incompetent idiots any business would gladly fire. They keep dinging our press release by claiming something idiotic and having us take 100% of the creativity of the press release out.”

PRDistribution.com is a competitor of PRWeb with 15 years of experience in the digital marketing field who also offer press release distribution services and are consistent on providing the best press release distribution service. They provide quite astonishing discounts on their Monthly & Annual Press Release distribution services.

For single press release distribution, their cheapest plan is the Premium plan and they offer the best deal with the Premium Concierge Press Release Distribution Pan which costs $299 only, which guarantees distribution to 400+ media outlets including top-tier newswire, additionally, this plan is designed to create a mass outreach to thousands of different media networks. They provide comprehensive reporting within 48 hours of the distribution and also offer search engine inclusion on site like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc.

Compared to PRWeb, PRDistribution.com has a spectacular reputation and provide a world-class customer service. Here is a customer review for PRDsitribution.com on Trustpilot.com:  ** “I have been using press release for around 6 years now for 40+ small businesses. I get a very quick bump with search engines when i used this service.”

PRWeb might not be the best option for making a press release distribution even with the coupon codes whereas, PRDistribution.com is making their way to being the best press release distribution company with thousands of happy customers.

*Review by past PRWeb customer on Trustpitot.com
**Review by a customer for PRDistribution.com on Trustpilot.com


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