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Fedarice Brou, Director of Operations at Apex Association, is pleased to announce his company’s latest expansion to the Texarkana, TX market. This is first of the advertising and marketing firm’s major expansions for the third quarter of 2018. 

Curtis Baker will be heading the expansion to the new market and could not contain his excitement when asked about his new opportunity. 

“I’m ready to hit the ground running,” explained Baker. “I can’t wait to get out there and start meeting new people and helping them exceed their goals as I have at Apex Association.”

Being chosen to lead the expansion project was a huge compliment, according to Baker. Since he began his career in electrical infrastructure, Baker felt that he started off behind his colleagues at Apex Association due to his lack of experience in marketing. However, thanks to the hands-on training and merit-based growth opportunities at the firm, Baker was able to dive headfirst into the realm of advertising and marketing and prove himself a strong contender in the office. 

Brou was the not the only one to notice Bakers progress as he quickly became a leader at the firm. Ebony Scaife, human resources manager at Apex Association, commented on how impressed she was with Bakers development and go-getter attitude.

“Watching Curtis grow from an entry level position all the way to a leadership role within a year was incredible,” stated Scaife. “It’s amazing to see what someone can accomplish with the right mindset and support.”

According to Brou, support and mentorship is exactly what he strives to provide for all of the team members at Apex Association. Following up on Baker’s previous statement, Brou went on to state that his company focuses on helping its associates achieve their goals, both personal and professional. It is this encouraging atmosphere and the growth from within structure that Brou accredits his company’s rapid growth to.

“I feel that when you empower your team to strive for greatness, not just for the clients, but for themselves as well, you create an environment that they can’t help but prosper in,” said Brou. “By helping others succeed, our company succeeds and flourishes in turn.”

Now that Baker will be heading to the Texarkana market, Brou is already moving forward with major goals in mind. Not only is Brou searching out new markets to tap, he is also looking forward to the possibility of bringing on new clients. According to the director, in order to accomplish these goals, he’s searching for new talent and leadership to join his company. 

“If you’re looking to get your foot in the door with a company that will invest in your success, I highly encourage you to reach out to our human resources department. We’re willing to teach and train anyone who is willing to give 100% to our clients and our goals as a company,” stated Brou.

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