United States, New York, New York – 08-08-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — New Drink, New Idea 

 Arkay – Offering an alcohol substitute to people who want to have a good time without the danger of alcohol. Are you ready? Arkay is giving away 5 million zero-proof miniature liquor bottles to consumers around the world. The Arkay® challenge is underway! Distribution of samples is becoming a systematic component of the Arkay’ marketing. Approximately 1 out of 10 adult drinkers in the US will enjoy free drinks on Arkay. Join the Arkay Army! Join the Arkay Army, taste for yourself! Find out how to be included in the Arkay Army alcohol-free Revolution. Don’t miss out, the Arkay multi-million-dollar product launch will be announced on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but you won’t know about it until you follow us!  She said what? “Giving free product samples is catching the public’s attention and accelerating the Arkay momentum! Distribution of samples to consumers worldwide will be one of our first marketing efforts to build brand enthusiasts and drive demand for wiser, yet tasty and entertaining drinking. – said Arkay President- Sylvie Grattagliano.” ARKAY is WHAT TO DRINK WHEN NOT DRINKING!  Join the latest trends https://www.facebook.com/ArKayBevInchttps://twitter.com/ArKayBeveragesand https://www.instagram.com/arkaybeverages/. It’s real! It’s fun! It’s Hip to be Sober!  Don’t drink and drive unless it’s Arkay ® Zero Alcohol. Zero Sugar. Zero Hangover. Zero Calories.

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