MEMPHIS, TN – 10-30-2018 ( — In wake of the recent tragedy in Pittsburgh PA, we must remember that Consciousness, Light, and Inclusivity are stronger than hate. Jewish mystical teacher, Analesa Berg believes, “When people from all faiths joyfully come together, they can heal in creative ways and amplify more harmony into our world.”Analesa’s life-long career has been dedicated to building bridges beyond differences and raising individual and collective consciousness to usher in a world that works for all. 

Analesa Berg, MSW, MATS of West Orange, NJ will share her teachings, artwork and one woman show in Memphis this coming weekend, November 2-4.

Berg says, “We can, if we choose, live in a world where values based on love and connection prevail rather than those that foster separation.This takes courage—to look deeply at and clear old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve.Some of these patterns are so unconscious, passed down from generation to generation, that they may be disconcerting to uncover. By looking and learning from them, we access the radiance and joy that is within us and our birthright to experience.”

Friday, November 2 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, you can experience Analesa’s colorful and engaging mixed-media series, The Alphabet of Vibration®: Hebrew Letter Mandalas for a Peaceful World at Art•Body•Soul.Analesa will be greeting people, sharing stories about the artwork, and how she came to paint the series during 30 days of silence. 

Analesa’s healing letter mandalas carry a message.“When life gets tough, remember there are many beautiful things in the world—remembrances that you are not alone. You are loved.Don’t forget to play. Don’t forget to open your heart and dance. Find your own magical secret path and share it with the world. Heal those wounds that have been so long in your bodies and find ways of loving each other once again.”

Saturday, November 3 at 8:00 PM, Analesa will perform “The 23rd Letter”, her multi-media, original solo show. In 2011 at the completion of her marriage, Analesa Berg asked for a message from God about what to do next. She received a surprising directive, “You’ll go to the Hebrew texts and paint.”

After some excuses and resistance, she began trusting that unseen forces were guiding her toward a new purpose. She determined to spend thirty days alone in her home by the ocean, surrounded by her paints, and tune into each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet to see what would happen.So begins The 23rd Letter, a woman’s journey, helped by friends, ancestors, spirit guides and the symbolic letters themselves, to reclaim lost parts of herself, heal generational pain, and find peace. 

“There is a legend that when Moses broke the tablets, the letters flew off.” Berg explains.“Twenty-two came back. The 23rd did not. It is said, when the 23rd returns, we will have peace.”Analesa painted a symbol to represent the 23rd Letter because she wanted peace.The image she created is fluid, radiating energy and light. Berg says, “It is my hope that others will feel in their hearts the peaceful, healing energy emanating from this mandala.It is our love that surrounds the earth and brings us together, beyond our differences, to a higher vibration.”

Sunday, November 3 from 9 AM – 5 PM, Analesa will hold a workshop—“Tikkun Ha-Nefesh”: Soul Repair with Hebrew Letters and the Dalian Method.In this day-long retreat Analesa will use the ancient technology of Jewish mysticism, her original Hebrew letter artwork, and the Dalian Method for healing into consciousness as guides to healing our bodies, minds, and souls. 

Through experiencing The Alphabet of Vibration, meditations, expressive arts, and the Dalian Method, participants will identify and begin to clear ancestral wounds that are held in the body to cultivate more joy, creativity, and peace in life.The workshop is open to spiritual seekers of all faiths. Neither Hebrew nor prior art experience is necessary.

“In these times of great separation and more visible acts of violence,” says Berg.“Let’s gather to heal, celebrate life, and activate a more harmonious future that works for all.” 

The Alphabet of Vibration®, “The 23rd Letter” and Tikkun Ha-Nefesh healing workshop will all be presented at Art•Body•Soul, 1024 S. Yates Rd, Memphis, TN38119 November 2 through 4. More info at

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