WASHINGTON, DC – 11-14-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — ASPIRE SaaS fees average 50% of competitors’ rates.
ASPIRE includes daily project calculations, mobile project reporting,
workflows, AP automation and flexible payroll.

Laurel, Maryland ~ Technology & Business Solutions LLC, a Cloud hosting and services pioneer since 2004, today announces the launch of ASPIRE, a project-based Accounting, Financial Management and Collaboration platform for growing government contractors.Built by developers that created the initial release of GCS Premier, the very first commercially available accounting system for government contractors, Aspire is viewed by many as the natural successor to Deltek’s popular GCS product, recently designated by Deltek for “sustaining” (end of life) support.“Over the last few years it seems the legacy software vendors have really ceded the space for smaller and growing govcons. Software features have stagnated, and pricing continues to rise,” says Eric Brown, TBS Co-Owner and COO, who’s spearheading the launch and development of Aspire. “We decided to leap at the chance to help growing govcons with a new and nimble system that embraces your entire business.”An original Deltek founder, Mr. Brown is an industry veteran with extensive and pioneering experience as a strategic and technical leader. Over nearly two-and-a-half decades throughout two tenures, Mr. Brown helped guide both Deltek’s software and business growth while serving in numerous capacities. Mr. Brown led the development of numerous Deltek products including Costpoint, GCS Premier, Time and Expense, Vision, GovWin and more.“Aspire in many ways is the perfect combination of the best Cloud technologies and DCAA-compliant accounting features for small to mid-sized businesses,” continues Mr. Brown. “Because Aspire embraces a Cloud-native architecture and targeted functionality, it is highly cost-effective.”Along with the launch of the Aspire accounting platform, TBS is rolling out a Preview Program for Aspire available through the end of 2018. Businesses joining the Aspire Preview enjoy software discounts up to 30%, automated data conversions from GCS Premier or QuickBooks, and fixed-price implementations averaging 40 to 60 hours.The Aspire accounting platform is NIST800, FAR52 and ITAR compliant, assured with an annual SOC2 Type II audit.“The cost-savings of Aspire – plus the financial management, reporting and automation benefits of Aspire – deliver unmatched value for govcons,” says Jay Ethridge, TBS Founder and CEO. “We’ve taken the best Cloud delivery and security and married it with modern functionality for growing businesses – daily project rates and revenue calculations, mobile project reporting, workflows, AP automation and flexible payroll – all for half the price of legacy software systems.”Aspire includes tailored modules for General Ledger, Time & Expense, Projects, Accounts Payable, Workforce, Cash Management (coming early 2019), and Budgets & Forecasts, with Payroll integration support.“We’ve been building and incubating Aspire for several months, and our launch today is timed to support that community of project-based contractors looking for their next accounting system,” says Mr. Ethridge. “We’re doing so in a way that respects their business goals and their budgets.”Adds Mr. Brown: “With the recent retirement of original TBS co-founder, Joe Jezior, and now the launch of Aspire, this is truly the beginning of a new chapter for TBS. The Aspire team is ready to support your business with cutting edge capabilities and flexible, friendly services and support.”To learn more about Aspire, the new Cloud-native Accounting, Financial Management and Collaboration platform for govcons, visit Aspire4Projects.com, or call 703.444.6562, extension 1.To sign up for the Aspire Preview Discount Program, email [email protected].

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