REALISM AGENCY TRANSFORMS THE WAY AUTOMOTIVE DEALERSHIPS ARE ATTRACTING CONSUMERS Los Angeles, California – (September 16, 2018) – Augmently™ Inc, the augmented realism agency specializing in three-dimensional/life-like AR technology and creative virtual world innovations has partnered with 360Booth™, the first patented car dealer photo studio solution, to bring multi-dimensional experiences to automotive dealerships across the globe. 360Booth affords car buyers the opportunity to see professional quality photos without moving the vehicle. Clearing the background of obstacles on an on-going basis is no longer a challenge. 360Booth allows the photographer to move the studio with lighting around the car so the best lighting is always achieved. There are no electrical motors moving the vehicle that could possibly fail. The 360Booth experience is all about being “real.”The company has announced that it has partnered with Augmently, Inc to bring “realism” to the car buying experience. The exclusive 360Booth experience has the hottest and simplest studio quality auto photo booth solutions available worldwide. With Augmently, the 360Booth now, not only provides an easy solution for automotive dealers to take professional photos, but also for them to pre-visualize what a full-size booth with a vehicle inside will look like at a dealership on every level. From the interior to under the hood, augmented reality technology will provide dealerships across the globe with a unique and never-seen-before technique for automotive marketing through a simple mobile app. The 360Booth is large and therefore needed a visualization for the dealership prior to installation. Augmently has developed an AR pre-visualization mobile application for 360Booth that solves this challenge, which ultimately makes the buying experience much better and leads to more sales. When a representative visits dealership all he or she needs is an iPad with the augmented reality app to show them how 360Booth assists with sales. Using markerless AR technology, the rep “scans” the dealership floor in order to find the perfect spot for the booth to be installed. Once the floor is scanned, the dealer can look through the iPad’s camera to see a life size, realistic 3D representation of the 360Booth exactly where the dealer will want it installed. The dealer then can walk up to a virtual booth, look at all the details as close as they want to and even walk inside the booth and virtually rotate the door as if it was installed and fully functioning. Image result for 360Booth logo image360Booth saw the benefits immediately and asked Augmently to add a function to allows the dealer to load a life size virtual car inside the booth for the dealer to walk around, look into and understand the space for an actual vehicle’s space prior to a photo shoot. The dealer can then take a photo or shoot a video to share with their team in order to finalize the sale, as well as create shareable content for both the dealers and 360Booth social channels. “Augmented reality has a unique way of creating an emotional connection that can be the deciding factor of making a sale. That said, it’s important for the experience to be as realistic and lifelike as possible rather than a low-resolution presentation of the product that you see with so many other AR applications. Augmently prides itself on creating the most realistic experiences possible with today’s mobile devices.” – Ziggy Kormandel, CEO, Augmently, Inc. “Our exclusive patented car dealer photo solution technology gives automobile dealerships an entirely new way of showcasing their vehicles in a realistic multi-dimensional experience. Our mission has always been to give car dealers the opportunity to present the most realistic experience which has been proven to increase sales. Augmently has been a great partner in bringing that experience to another level and our dealership partners are loving every bit of it.” – Jay Smithwreck, Founder & CEO, 360Booth. 360Booth saw the benefit of the enhancement augmented reality provided as a sales tool for visualizing a full size 360 Booth Studio in a blank space at the dealership. For more information please see video here:, Inc was founded in 2015. Since that time the company has partnered with global icons worldwide showcasing their brand in unique and interesting ways and bringing reality to the consumer experience. 
Augmently now has its sights on the Healthcare industry. The company will announce an exclusive partnership with Stayhealthy®, an engagement-based technology company that uses FDA cleared technologies to track and help users change their overall health. Stayhealthy’s true innovation in body fat screening and focus on overall wellness is an alternative to the traditional BMI measurement formula which was invented in the 1830s. Stayhealthy’s technology has been clinically proven by professionals to make a profound difference in the health patterns of individuals. Augmently will now play a pivotal role in the launch[CG1] of Stayhealthy’s new web and mobile based screening tool. The initial AR experience will target adolescents through an augmented healthy heart campaign as well as adults struggling with typical health plans that are not experiential enough to garner their individual buy-in.Heart health activity levels, diabetes risk and other health screening tools are introduced through an innovative new AR experience developed and produced by Augmently exclusively for Stayhealthy, Inc. This first-of-its kind innovation for wellness will provide a personalized interactive experience of a real-world environment whose elements are “augmented” over multiple sensory modalities. This groundbreaking new partnership will engage individuals in their own personal health development plan and create hard-to-ignore revolutionary new approaches for professionals in the industry. The company’s official announcement is targeted for fall of 2018.

ABOUT 360BOOTH™360Booth created the first-ever patented car dealer photo solution to bring multi-dimensional experiences to automobile dealerships across the globe. 360Booth affords car buyers the opportunity to see professional photos without moving the vehicle. 360Booth allows the photographer to move the studio with lighting around the car so the best lighting is always achieved. There are no electrical motors moving the vehicle that could fail. 360Booth is all about being ‘real.’ For more information go to or

ABOUT AUGMENTLY™Augmently, Inc. is a Los Angeles based creative technology company that has developed a unique, patented Augmented Reality (AR) platform which allows mobile device users to virtually place a celebrity, animated character or product in an environment of their choice. Unlike other AR applications, Augmently uses hyper-realistic imagery rather than 3D computer generated objects. Augmently’s main focus is to be the leader in the mobile AR space today. Augmently, Inc was founded in 2015. Since that time the company has partnered with global icons worldwide showcasing their brands in unique and engaging ways and bringing reality to the consumer experience. For more information on Augmently, Inc., go to 
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