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Known for being a company where training and service come first, Robaina Industries Inc. helps collision repairers nationwide use cutting-edge equipment and tools to better repair cars.

They know that many shops purchase sophisticated equipment, but without hands-on training and instruction, the hardware often sits in the corner untouched. Robaina has built a strong reputation for providing exemplary training and customer support so that shops can become more efficient and productive without compromising quality.

By building a new, state-of-the-art 18,000 sq. ft. facility in Santa Ana, California, Robaina is prepared to take their training to another level. Conveniently located near John Wayne Airport in Orange County, this new training center will be a go-to destination for estimators, technicians, painters and other collision professionals whose companies are Robaina customers from New York to L.A. and everywhere in between.

Robaina isn’t a company that just sells you equipment and then you rarely see them. They are passionate about training and showing us how we can get the most out of everything we purchase from them.

David Goldstein, Senior VP of Operations, Caliber Collision

 One of Robaina’s clients is Caliber Collision, the largest MSO in the world, with 483 locations nationwide. Caliber’s Senior VP of Operations, David Goldstein, has been working with Robaina Industries since 2006, so he knows the benefits of acquiring top-tier training and tools and how they can help his company. By using all of Robaina’s approved equipment and tools in all of Caliber Collision’s 33 certified facilities that repair Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi vehicles, Goldstein recognizes Robaina as a great business partner that has proven itself over the years.

“We believe in their equipment and in the approach they’re taking to fixing these cars correctly and to OEM standards,” Goldstein said. “Robaina isn’t a company that just sells you equipment and then you rarely see them. They are passionate about training and showing us how we can get the most out of everything we purchase from them.”

In addition to ongoing training, Robaina also provides Caliber Collision with some of the best support in the industry, bar none, Goldstein said. “If we ever have technical issues or questions about any of the equipment or tools, we can go to them for whatever reason. It’s like having equipment experts on our staff. They are very interested in participating with us and helping to maximize the tools we acquire from them. They’re concerned about our workflow and willing to play an integral role in our company, and that is one of the things that really differentiates Robaina from everyone else.” 

With so many high-end vehicles coming through its certified facilities, there is no time for guesswork, and that’s why Goldstein relies on Robaina for the right answers and right equipment. “They help us with the accuracy of the repairs, which is so necessary when we’re fixing these sophisticated vehicles,” he said. “When we use the equipment that we get from Robaina, especially the Celette Measuring Systems, we know that the work is going to be precise every time.” 

Goldstein appreciates the fact that Robaina provides great training that is comprehensive and in-depth. “This is not lightweight training, that’s for sure,” he said. “Robaina is very hands-on with their approach. They recently established the Robaina Training Center and it’s truly an impressive facility. They offer things like virtual welding instruction and classes that cover estimating, PDR, panel repair, aluminum welding, paint training and final QC. They’re continuing to expand their training program and offer the type of OEM-level training that you can’t usually get elsewhere.” 

Art Williams, lead trainer at Robaina, shows Robaina’s customers how to use the welders and other equipment that the company sells. He has seen collision professionals blossom in their jobs right in front of his eyes by training them onsite or at a Robaina training facility. 

“We have seven trainers on our team and all of us are 100% focused on doing the best training available,” Williams said. “We want our customers to repair these cars precisely and efficiently. We want to help them so that they don’t have to re-do work or miss deadlines and we’re able to do that.” 

When a technician sees how a Tecna Welder or a FAN 4.0TT spot welder, for example, can help him to do a better repair by using it correctly, it always makes his day, Williams said. “Our 3D welding simulator is an excellent training tool. When the technicians can see what they’re doing on the screen and then it provides them with a ghost image of what they should be doing, it’s a fantastic tool for MIG/MAG/Brazing training. After the training, they all credit our course and the welding simulator for advancing their skills.” 

One of the best things about Robaina’s training is that once the classes are done, the support begins and never stops. “We tell people that their success is our success and that’s why they can always call me on my cell phone with questions at any time after the training,” Williams said. “We know how these tools can help them to do a better job, but sometimes it takes a little repetition and that’s why we’re here.”

Caliber Collision
Lewisville, TX

Company At A Glance…
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 10,376
In Business Since: 1997
Number of Locations: 483

Robaina Industries Inc.
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