LOS ANGELES, CA – 01-21-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — When having observed the low-income housing failures known simply as, “The Projects”, Peter DeMaria, deemed him “The People’s Architect” for his recognized commitment to providing real solutions for real problems that face humanity. DeMaria is focused on “eliminating homelessness and creating a home for every person on the planet.” The 1960’s social experiments in Architecture showed no sign of improving the quality of life for inhabitants – in fact, they proved just the opposite. The ultimate demolition of these mid-rise “project” buildings had a major impact on DeMaria’s view of Architecture and his role as an Architect. An award-winning advocate of “design to thrive”, Peter DeMaria enjoys inspiring the current generation of architects, builders and real estate developers.

DeMaria is credited with being the first Architect to readapt the ubiquitous ISO cargo container into a code compliant building solution – the first to accomplish in the United States and received Design Excellence Awards from the American Institute of Architects. Channeling his efforts and expertise in the prefab world, Peter has energized US based start-up, Azria Home Ltd./HBG Steel. As Azria/HBG Chief Design Director he’s responsible for all architecture and product design and recently completed a two-year intensive R&D phase. The innovative projects with Azria/HBG, for single family and multi-family affordable housing, have broken ground in the City of Los Angeles. 

DeMaria is also renowned for his non-conventional and experimental use of materials and construction/fabrication methodologies. His famed works include the design of Redondo Beach House (CA, 2007) and award-winning East Los Angeles Four Square Church Parsonage (CA, 2009).

The mission of this esteemed architect, artist, and philanthropist is to generate positive and enduring changes in the built environment.

DeMaria founded his architectural studio, DeMaria Design as well as LOGICAL Homes – a prefab container-based home company.

Peter has been a university design Professor for over twenty years holding Adjunct Faculty positions in the Design School at California State Univ. Long Beach and the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture.


To know more about Peter DeMaria:

Website: http://demariadesign.com/2/

Radio show/podcast: https://www.modlar.com/modernarchitect/

Email: [email protected]

Media Contacts:

Company Name: DeMaria Design Assoc.
Full Name: Peter DeMaria
Phone: (310) 809 1520
Email Address: Send Email
Website: http://demariadesign.com/2/

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