MIAMI BEACH, FLA. – 11-21-2018 ( — Aytu Bioscience (NasdaqCM: AYTU), an emerging pharmaceutical company focused on commercializing new products that can treat significant conditions in niche sectors, may have found itself another potential blockbuster drug in Tuzistra® XR.

Earlier this month, AYTU announced its entry into the $3 billion Cough and Cold market with its newly acquired exclusive license of Tris Pharma’s Tuzistra® XR. This novel drug is expected to provide a significant boost to AYTU’s already robust portfolio of products as well as to help exploit new market potential and diversify its product base.  Tuzistra® XR is positioned well to compliment the company’s growing market presence as they continue to target and drive sales in the male sexual health, male fertility, and the pharmaceutical sleep-aid sector. The aggregate market size for AYTU’s current portfolio addresses a $7 billion opportunity. See VIDEO here! Tuzistra® XR Provides All Day and All Night Cough ReliefLike other AYTU products, Tuzistra® XR is unique, and it distinguishes itself as a  patented combination of extended-release, 12-hour antitussive codeine and antihistamine chlorpheniramine. Tuzistra® XR is formulated as a long-acting antitussive to target and treat coughing and other severe symptoms related to upper respiratory allergies as well as the common cold in adult patients. With a two-year sales history already established for  Tuzistra® XR, which generated upwards of 40,000 prescriptions in 2017, AYTU is positioned to take advantage of their trained sales force to market the benefits of Tuzistra’s unique 12-hour extended release formulation to reignite potentially high prescription rates this cold and flu season. For Tuzistra™ XR, like other novel Aytu products, being different from the competition is good.A Better Product, Longer Lasting Relief From Tuzistra® XRTuzistra® XR, like other drugs in the Aytu portfolio such as Natesto® and ZolpiMist™, brings with it critical differentiating factors that push the prospects for Tuzistra® XR to become a potential best-in-class product.Unlike every codeine-based competitive product,  Tuzistra® XR separates itself from the competition in many ways. The most apparent shortfall of Tuzistra’s competition is that they are all short-acting remedies, with most requiring up to 4-6 doses per day to maintain a comfortable level of relief. In contrast, Tuzistra® XR users will benefit from Tris Pharma’s LiquiXR® technology which prescribes just a single a dosage of  Tuzistra® XR to be delivered throughout a 12-hour period. Comparably, the benefit to the patient is significant, and in most cases can allow a user to make it through an entire work day, or sleep through the night, with substantially decreased cough and cold symptoms and at the same time help to eliminate the necessity to redose liquid prescription medicine during professional activity or during periods of rest.AYTU Plans To Enter Strategic Alliance With Armistice Capital LLCFor those believing that the launch of Tuzistra® may be a lengthy process, think again. AYTU reported that along with the licensing transaction, AYTU is set to enter into an agreement with institutional healthcare investor Armistice Capital, LLC to help initiate an aggressive and well-financed launch of Tuzistra® XR in the coming weeks. According to the terms published by AYTU management, Armistice is expected to provide up to $5 million in cash to AYTU structured as a three-year, interest-bearing note. For Aytu Bioscience, finding yet another potential best-in-class product may become a lucrative addition to the pipeline. CEO of Aytu BioScience, Josh Disbrow, sounded quite exuberant in a recent announcement when he said, ”We are thrilled to be partnering with Tris Pharma in acquiring this license to Tuzistra XR and the complementary antitussive therapeutic pending approval. We believe these products align well with our primary care portfolio, and Tuzistra XR provides another attractive, revenue-generating therapeutic asset with clear clinical differentiation and patient benefits. We thank the Tris Pharma team for entrusting Aytu to build these products into strong brands and look forward to a successful long-term relationship with Tris.”Ketan Mehta, Founder, and CEO of Tris Pharma is equally excited, saying, ”The combination of all day, all night, cough/cold relief in a liquid form makes a great deal of sense,” He added, “We are excited to continue to leverage our technology platform, LiquiXR®, to improve patient care. Further, we are delighted to have Aytu BioScience as our partner.”We See Value In Aytu BioScienceNo matter what metric an investor uses, the share price of AYTU at current levels is significantly undervalued. Not only is AYTU sitting on roughly $20 million in cash, which is almost twice the current market cap of the company, the addition of Tuzistra® XR also aligns with AYTU’s general strategy of acquiring promising, best-in-class products that should benefit from the team’s powerful marketing and commercialization capabilities. By focusing on novel treatments that can offer significant advantages over competitors in a wide variety of markets, AYTU is building a diverse and cutting-edge portfolio of products targeting sectors that are currently being served with restrictive or unsatisfactory treatment options. Currently trading at $1.06 per share, the Tuzistra® XR licensing announcement adds fuel to the premise that AYTU may provide an excellent opportunity for investment into a company on the verge of penetrating multiple markets that have an aggregate market revenue potential of more than $7 billion. Combining the revenue potential of Tuzistra® with the growing success of Natesto® and ZolpiMist®, AYTU may clearly emerge as one of the shining stars in the pharmaceutical sector, Class of 2019.

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