NEW YORK, NY – 08-27-2018 (Press Release Jet) — We’ve accomplished so much in a year and have helped thousands of victims around the world. We started working with Facebook to stop revenge porn from spreading on their platform and have an ongoing relationship helping their security and safety initiatives. We just also got done filming an episode of a well-known documentary-series aimed at teens on a major cable network, to be aired in the fall.

We currently have 30+ cases in investigation, and have teamed up with several regional sexual assault and domestic violence organizations, and are working to get a law passed in Ohio and with CA Rep. Jackie Speier to get federal legislation passed against image abuse.
We are rolling out our educational program for high school/middle school teens about consent, boundaries, how to break up, and staying safe online. The PASS campaign is testing in its pilot schools, and will then be available to all high schools and middle schools in the US.
We’ve created a notification system that alerts you when your keywords are mentioned on websites, so you can easily send takedown requests. We offer this for free, and the text message notification is only $5 a month.  
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