Gunshot Detection & Acoustic Surveillance System with Integrated Advanced Wireless Communications

Press Release updated: Sep 26, 2017 09:00 EDT

Mantaro, Beeper and Safety Dynamics have successfully engineered and integrated the Beeper Communications IE 5000 Cellular Bonder with the Safety Dynamics’ SENTRI Gunshot Detection system. The combined solution, SENNTRI II, is scheduled for deployment in 2017 in four major metropolitan cities in the U.S., including Baltimore and Houston. 

Safety Dynamics is an industry pioneer specializing in gunshot detection, camera and acoustic surveillance and other analytical sensory technology and warning systems.  The SENTRI solution uses patented acoustic algorithms identifying the precise location with plus/minus 1 degree of accuracy. Alerts and notifications are delivered directly to the user within in less than 1 second of an event.  The system immediately geo-locates the event and will plot it on a map, which can be integrated with the user’s command center or Network Operations Center (NOC.). 

“The addition of Beeper IE 5000 bonded Cellular platform to the SENTRI system has resulted in a real market disruption,” said Sally Fernandez, CEO Safety Dynamics. “SENTRI II changes the game for gunshot detection technology. SENTRI II now offers a complete stand-alone portable system, with power and network connection that can be gunshot detection and acoustic and video surveillance, anytime and anywhere the user needs it.  Unlike competitive products, each SENTRI & SENTRI II units operates independently and does not rely on a larger matrix of sensors. This provides superior reliability and significant cost savings for the end user. The integration of bonded cellular, wireless communications adds unmatched flexibility, as the SENTRI II units are now un-tethered from any reliance on fixed wired infrastructure, such as fiber or cable, and deployment costs can be significantly reduced.” The Beeper IE 5000 provides link aggregation, bonding, load balancing and redundancy, assuring highly reliable and secure data and video transmission. 

SENTRI II now offers a complete stand-alone portable system, with power and network connection that can be gunshot detection and acoustic and video surveillance, anytime and anywhere the user needs it.

Sally Fernandez, CEO Safety Dynamics

Beeper’s IE 5000 cellular bonder is the leading anywhere-to-everywhere wireless connectivity facilitator. The successful integration and proof of concept will speed delivery and deployment of the newest portable versions of the SENTRI product line SENTRI II.  “There is a clear and rapidly growing need for our GSD solution, as many major cities continue to experience gun violence on an epidemic scale. The flexibility that SENTRI II provides is unprecedented in the industry. Competitive solutions are expensive and can require months of test and validation which adds to the expense and can strain municipal budgets. Our new solution, SENTRI II, which we have jointly developed, is rapidly deployable and immediately operational, and now can be moved at will to the areas most in need of this deterrent technology saving both time and money,” states, Moshe Levinson, SVP Business Development and Special Situations, Beeper Communications.

Mantaro Networks will provide best in class engineering services for the projects, and act as engineering and technology integrator.  Mantaro already sells and supports the Beeper and Safety Dynamics technology in the U.S., and will also incorporate enhanced automatic testing and emulation software. This “24/7 Health Check” further improves upon the existing system’s maintenance, monitoring, and control capabilities.

The Companies have begun their first joint engineering for four initial U.S. city projects in the Northeast and Midwestern U.S.  The first deliveries are scheduled for October of 2017. 

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