SEATTLE, WA – 11-12-2018 ( — Introducing PowerPlayer, a digital signage player that displays PowerPoint on TV. It’s an innovative Windows 10 PC stick player that plugs into your TV’s HDMI source input. PowerPlayer makes it very easy to create kiosks, menu boards and multimedia digital signage advertising displays using just PowerPoint. The product package includes PowerSignage, our cloud-based content management service (CMS) which is used to upload, schedule and display PowerPoint on your TV screens.

PowerPoint TV

You display PowerPoint digital signage on your TV in three (3) simple steps:

  1. Create your digital signage presentation using PowerPoint
  2. Upload the presentation to our CMS
  3. Plug the PowerPlayer PC stick into your TV’s HDMI source input

PowerPlayer will automatically download and display the PowerPoint digital signage presentation on your TV screen. It’s PowerPoint TV plug-and-display ready.

Digital Signage the Easy Way

With PowerPlayer all you need is PowerPoint. There’s no complicated software to learn. You can combine text, fonts, images, animation and HD video with PowerPoint’s flexible drag-and-drop screen layout to produce stunning multimedia presentations. Take a look at our PowerPoint to Digital Signage guide to see how easy it is to display any PowerPoint as a self-running presentation on a TV screen.

There are multiple benefits for using PowerPoint-based digital signage. PowerPoint’s ease of use, free design templates and broad multimedia support make it an ideal digital signage content creation tool for small business and non-technical users. And PowerPlayer makes it easy to display your PowerPoint presentations on any standard TV.

PowerPlayer features:

  • Windows 10 PC stick with preinstalled signage software
  • Full-featured PowerPoint TV digital signage player
  • Displays PowerPoint on any TV with HDMI input
  • Create kiosks, menu boards and multimedia digital signage
  • Combine text, fonts, pictures, animation and HD video
  • Includes cloud-based content management service
  • Cloud storage for uploading PowerPoint presentations
  • Display signage 24 x 7 or schedule by date, time and day-of-week
  • Manage signage TV screens at multiple locations
  • Only $189.95 and no subscriptions

Low-cost All-in-One Solution

PowerPlayer is a complete PowerPoint digital signage solution. We provide a full-featured PowerPoint TV player (Windows 10 PC stick) and cloud-based content management—all for $189.95. This is a one-time cost with no subscriptions. For more information take a look at our product brochure or visit our website at

Windows and PowerPoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. PowerPlayer and PowerSignage are trademarks of Power Digital Signage, all rights reserved.

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