PHOENIX, Sept. 26, 2017 () — Bestselling author and historian Mike Rothmiller released a new photographic portrait book featuring over 400 Confederate Generals of America’s Civil War to protest the removal of confederate monuments.

Witnessing the senseless plague of monument destruction and erasure of American history, he initiated his protest by calling for the perseveration of Confederate history and statues by publishing the book, “The Confederate Generals of America’s Civil War. A Photographic Portrait Book.”  

Rothmiller’s books range from the first 50 years of America’s founding to the psychological profile of Adolf Hitler.  As a result, he understands the significance of history and why it is necessary for current and future generations to learn and understand past events.

Rothmiller’s quotes:

“The destruction and removal of historical monuments is a hallmark of all oppressive regimes.”

“Sadly, today in America, some individuals and politicians have an irrational desire to join the ranks of the backward idealism of the Nazis, Taliban, and ISIS by destroying any item, statue, thought, utterance or book, they claim to be offensive in the slightest degree.” 

“Without question, politicians agreeing and fostering this untenable position are in fact, embracing the lowest form of pandering to the loudest voices.”

“Slavery remains a dark stain on American history, but it’s a stain we and future generations cannot and must not forget.  Slavery was, and is, a cruel practice which must be abolished from the earth.”

“Frankly, I suspect most of these protesters are ignorant of the basic facts, events, and motivations surrounding the Civil War.”

“Removal of a monument should be voted on by the community. Not dictated by politicians.”

“Sadly, for future generations of African Americans,  these people are selfishly attempting to steal their knowledge of the abhorrent treatment of their ancestors. That is disgraceful.”

“This is a free speech issue for both sides of the debate.  But, remember, anytime a politician calls for the removal of history, it diminishes your freedom of speech and knowledge.  These politicians are in fact imposing government censorship on us all. History has proven when that occurs tyranny follows.”

“All hate groups are vile.  However, destroying statues will not end their hate. It incites them.”

“Throughout history the vilest and most hateful people also destroyed monuments. We see that today.”

About the Author

Mike Rothmiller has authored over 20 non-fiction books which have received worldwide acclaim.  His non-fiction expose’ LA Secret Police was a New York Times Bestseller.  He served in the Army National Guard and the LAPD.  As a detective in the Organized Crime Intelligence Division, he served as a representative to the United States Department of Justice Organized Crime Strike Force in Los Angeles. 

He’s been a corporate president and served on many non-profit boards.

He hosted “The Gamesman” and “Sports Stop” on ESPN.

This book is available at Amazon.


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