MADRID, Oct. 31, 2017 () — When something becomes a trend, the competition to capture a significant part of the market starts. It is no different for chatbots, and while major players are still trying to figure out how to make their bots understand simple requests, a team of linguists has revolutionized the market creating authentic conversational bots.

While the average answer success in the sector is around 36%, Bitext, by introducing its technology, has increased it to 100%.

This means that anyone struggling to make their bot work using platforms such as Chatfuel or Lex, can add Bitext’s technology to the process and have the bot ready in days.

During 2017 the number of chatbot development platforms and marketing agencies providing ready-to-use bots has increased enormously. However, most of them are based on buttons. Why? Because they don’t know how to make conversational chatbots.

If chatbots are to become a revolutionary conversational method, the current answering success rate is not enough. The industry needs innovative techniques, different from the ones used until now.

Taking advantage of its expertise in Natural Language Processing, Bitext has put its technology to work to create a solution that makes any bot achieve better results. It also makes bot training easier and faster, and can be integrated into any of the existing platforms.

A quick example to clarify and see the difference of including a tool like this in the process: Bitext created a Home Automation chatbot, and was able to train it with 1 billion sentences in less than two days. The time and money this could save any company is priceless.

Another issue is that most chatbots and VA are developed in English, but there are many other languages. For global companies operating worldwide the situation is quite complicated; if developing a chatbot good enough in English takes months, imagine how long it will take to develop multilingual chatbots.

Bitext offers multilingual solutions for more than 20 different languages, solving the issue of time to market without losing reliability.

A crucial part of interacting with users is to receive feedback and analyze it. Bitext makes this possible combining other NLP services. Users’ requests can be automatically analyzed to increase loyalty by offering them personalized deals.

Solutions like the one proposed by Bitext will be key to revolutionize how companies communicate with customers through AI, communication can’t work without understanding and multilingualism.


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SOURCE Bitext Innovations SL

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