The plastic or fiberglass forms used in the roof technology (to replace steel re-bars) are shaped to efficiently stack, which is an advantage in the transport of multiple such forms. Plastic is a lighter and less expensive material than steel. The plastic forms form an arched ceiling for a first story of a building and a flat roof or flat floor for a second story of a building.

For general inquiries or for licensing of the technology, please contact Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP ([email protected]), 212-238-8850.

About ST Bungalow LLC: ST Bungalow is a start-up, developing affordable, solar-powered housing made from compressed earth bricks (CEBs), designed to be manufactured in areas with little or no access to electricity, such as parts of Nepal, for example. ST Bungalow is the sister company of Solar-Tectic LLC.

About Molinelli Architects: Molinelli Architects Is a full service architecture firm based around New York City with commissions for Houses of Worship, Universities and Schools, Hospitals and Health Care, Child Care, distinctive Homes and many other building types including house prototypes for Haiti and Nepal.


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