GOLDEN, CO – 10-19-2018 ( — BUILD1x is fired up to introduce the BUILD1x platform, an interactive solution for builders, contractors and workers to factor loans, pay/get paid, post jobs/ find jobs and communicate efficiently to save money and time.

BUILD1x Founder, Trac Stephenson, says, “There are literally millions of construction professionals that face challenges on a daily basis which limit their ability to perform and grow their business. Technology has ignored them… until now. BUILD1x is a mobile platform developed specifically for construction professionals to help them better find job opportunities, communicate better on existing projects, and get loans as well as accept payments fast reducing unnecessary costs. “As a contractor, I know the pain of predatory loans, finding talent and getting paid faster, so I had our team build a all in one solution.”

Launching fully in January of 2019 on iOS (already in beta), Android and web, BUILD1x will provide the construction industry with a real-time ability to financially manage, hire, and communicate during construction projects more efficiently.

BUILD1x CEO, Todd Mitchem, says, “Together we call this CONNECT, SHARE, PAY. You connect with BUILDBoard, that’s how you find the job. You share with BUILDComm, which is how you communicate on the job, andour financial system helps contractors get low interestloans for their business while helping workersget paid faster with BUILDPay. All of that comes together to create the BUILD1x ecosystem and platform.I joined the team because this is a disruptive fintech that will make a difference in millions of construction workers’ lives.”

Outdated construction business practices will bea thing of the pastonce the BUILD1x platform launches. The industry will finally catch up to today’s technology. Mitchem says, “For far too long the construction worker has been ignored. Our society often goes so far as to ridicule these workers for choosing trades instead of four-year colleges and traditional employment. Yet we ALL depend on these professionals to make our society function. When you flip the light switch you expect the lights to come on. It was a construction pro who made that happen. They work in rain, snow, cold, extreme heat and never once demand respect. So when we say,

“Empowering the hands that build” we mean BUILD1x is proudly giving these hard working men and women tools to help them build a better tomorrow for themselves and their families. We literally will give them buying power, job finding power and communication power through our unique use of technology.”

BUILD1x is working now to raise an additional $750k in its most recent funding round. This after their founder, Trac Stephenson has funded the company to date with over $1M of his own capital. “Our investors are people who add value to the brand beyond money. We get to be very discerning about what kind of investor we take on, and that’s a great feeling”, says


BUILD1x is a total “BUILD” solution that solves three main issues in the global $10 trillion construction industry: lack of real-time communication and project management, inconsistent job search and work-flow, and lack of fast pay through the project supervision chain. The BUILD1x platform creates a network for the construction industry that will provide an easy way for everyone to “Connect. Share. Pay.You can find them at:


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