According to Stafflife’s founder and CEO, Mark Taitz: “Replacing a bad hire, costs on average $40 000 in the US, excluding losses in revenue and service quality”., the world’s first Employment History Bureau is launched – helping businesses reduce bad hires by over 73% and improve employee performance by 65%.

The rising costs of recruitment and managing human resources is an ongoing battle for most businesses. Poor hires and revenue losses attributed to human capital may be alleviated with the recent global launch of StaffLife. After five years of testing and development, StaffLife announced that it has opened its doors to all registered businesses with three or more employees.

According to StaffLife’s founder and CEO, Mark Taitz: “Replacing a bad hire, costs on average $40 000 in the US, excluding losses in revenue and service quality”.

Taitz maintains that until now, employees were free to find new jobs without fully disclosing their negative history, which is why 52-78% of resumes contain misleading information, hence it’s virtually impossible for employers to make informed decisions about job applicants.

StaffLife’s PR Officer, Maxine Gunzenhauser, who is also an attorney, emphasizes that although protecting businesses is the core mission of StaffLife, helping employees achieve their career goals with a new sense of accountability is equally important. “Our platform allows job performers to distinguish themselves, leading to better opportunities and consequently higher earnings due to the growing demand for quality staff.”

While consumers derive benefit from a good credit record, others would opt-out if given the option. Similarly, employees who are committed to proper conduct and performance, most often opt-in to StaffLife, while questionable applicants usually opt-out. This is a powerful effect which eliminates a large portion of undesirable candidates.

“StaffLife estimates that over 6.5 million Members with 78 million employees will join by Q4 2018, primarily from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and South Africa” according to Taitz.

StaffLife has implemented a multi-layer protection mechanism to identify and flag questionable reviews, in addition to providing employees a challenge mechanism to dispute inaccurate information. Data accuracy, fairness and integrity is vital for StaffLife.

A signed consent by the employee or job seeker is required before data can be accessed or submitted. On average, 85% of new applicants and 78% of existing company employees opt-in to StaffLife. It is optional for Members to hire job seekers who refuse to give consent to StaffLife.

Packages start from $1.50 per employee, per month, which enables employers to view profiles and submit their own reviews to StaffLife. Proof of company registration is required to become a member.

The positive impact of StaffLife on businesses is so significant, that Members are offered triple the fees back as a guarantee from StaffLife. More information and Membership registration can be found on

About StaffLife:
StaffLife’s mission is to end costly, critical HR problems, empower employers and help promote responsible employees. A central employment history database ensures continuity of information amongst employers by providing verified, impartial employee data.

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