As the parent organization for the footwear industry in Europe, CEC and its members from Italy, France, Britain, Sweden and etc. represent approximately 87% of the footwear productions in the region. Made-in-Europe shoe is one of the fastest growing consumer categories in China where customers are getting more sophisticated to appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of artisanal shoes rather than solely by brand awareness. With this partnership, SECOO will facilitate a very strong growth platform for European shoemakers while Chinese customers will be able to appreciate a much wider variety of choice with just a couple of clicks over the mobile phone.

“I am very pleased with our collaboration with SECOO, which we recognize SECOO’s commitment towards authenticity and luxurious lifestyle in China market,” said Mr. Cleto Sagripanti, President of CEC and he added, “there are a lot of quality shoemakers in Europe but they may not have the resources to enter into overseas market such as China where we all recognize the growth of business there. SECOO will be a perfect solution for our members who can access to Chinese premium customers effectively while their intellectual property is well protected.” This collaboration will be a 360 degree one, extending to shoe customization and personalization as well as online and offline integrations for the best customer experience while exclusivity and luxurious touches are prioritized.


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