Although the boy’s mother was previously court ordered to share parenting time and major decisions with the minor child with his father, the mother began exhibiting increasingly erratic and bizarre behaviors.  Without consulting the father who, by prior court order, had joint decision-making authority regarding the child, the mother –in the middle of the school year – pulled the child from his school where he had been enrolled for two years and proceeded to enroll him in a different school closer to her residence. Nieland immediately filed an emergency motion on behalf of the father demanding that the mother return the child to his previous school and won.  After a contentious hearing which eventually resulted in the mother being physically ejected from the courtroom by Cook County Sheriff personnel, the court granted Nieland’s motion and ordered that the child be returned to his original school.

Unfortunately for the child, the mother’s behavior continued to spiral out of control. According to court records, she grew physically and verbally abusive towards the father and, reportedly on one occasion during a pre-arranged parenting-time exchange of the child, proceeded to beat the boy’s dad and swear at him in the presence of the child and his 7-year old playmate. Nieland, again, took the mother to court and, again, won.  After evidence of the altercation perpetuated by the mother was offered as evidence, the court ordered that the mother immediately turn over physical custody of the boy to the father.  The father continues to have primary placement of the child, ensuring the safety of the child.    

The court victory was just one of many for the Leving firm, where they protect not only the rights and lives of fathers, but also those of the children for whom they are so dear.   

This heart felt and emotive victory is another testament to the Leving Team whose unwavering mission is to fight every single day to reunite fathers with their children. For more information on law and fatherhood, follow Leving’s victories on Twitter @fathersmatter and Facebook.

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SOURCE Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving. Ltd.

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