SUWANEE, GA – 10-24-2018 ( — Pippa, (ISBN 978-1-64003-112-852396, Covenant Book, 2018) by singer/songwriter, McKenna Bray has been released.This delightful and enchanting book is the story of Pippa, a little girl with a guitar in her hand and song in her heart that brings smiles to everyone she encounters on her journey to town.The book has a captivating lullaby that accompanies it; and is a key component of the story.The song will be available on iTunes, Spotify, and and is ideal for parents and teachers to sing along with children when enjoying the story.Pippais the first book authored by Memphis resident, McKenna Bray, who was inspired to pen this short story by the poetry of Robert Browning and her own travels abroad.The book is ideal for ages 2 – 7 and is available on and at bookstores.

“It is my hope thatPippabrings a smile to the face of every child who enjoys this story,” said McKenna Bray, author ofPippa.“I hope that Pippa’s message enriches each child’s life.”
“The message ofPippais simple yet essential,” continued Bray.“Each day and every person are important.You should always know there is a gift that you possess that you can share with those whom are down and blue.Your gift may not be a song, but whatever it is, use it to bring a smile and happiness to others.”
Bray was inspired to writePippaafter reading a book of poems by Robert Browning, which includes “Six Songs From Pippa Passes”.Having studied abroad in Florence where Browning lived and where she herself had decided to pursue a career in the arts, Bray felt a connection with the poem and was motivated to write Pippa. In each passage, the title character, Pippa, encounters characters who are lost, homeless, cold, and hurt.She comforts them with song.After each scene, a new verse is added to the lullaby, so at the end of the book, there is a full song.
McKenna Bray is a singer/songwriter based in Memphis, Tennessee.She is a graduate of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with a degree in Business Management and International Business.After graduation, she moved back to Memphis, TN and signed with independent record label, Madjack Records, who released her debut album “Once In A Blue Moon” June 29th of this year.She is currently a touring artist.Pippais her first book.

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