New York, NY, United States – 11-18-2019 ( — A New York based company called is offering a cloud based service solution that makes it easier for one to digitally collect and verify buyer resale certificates, all in one place. The cloud based solution has been built to eliminate errors, reduce fraud, save time, improve compliance and carry out any necessary audits in a timely manner. 

Seller’s subscribed to the platform receive a dedicated page on iExempt (e.x.: where their buyers electronically fill out and digitally sign the corresponding states’ resale certificate form, as well as upload accompanying proof required per state regulations. All these will be carried out in one form. The platform has been built with real time address and error checking to reduce compliance errors as illustrated in this demo. Highly trained staff at the company will then verify the buyer’s resale certificate number with their state tax authority and document it’s validity. In case there is a problem, such as insufficient or incorrect documentation and verification challenges with the State, the company will communicate with the buyer directly on behalf of the seller. After a successful verification, the seller receives a notification email with the attached paperwork including screenshot proof of state validity. Speaking about the new service offered by the company, Mark Moskowitz, the CEO of the company said;“We realized that the process of collecting and verifying resale certificate can get out of control quickly, if verification is even done at all. We have got many cases where our clients tells us about the numerous challenges they go through dealing with tax exempt buyer claims. Some of them make mistakes that cost their businesses. We thought there must be a better way of handling this process. As, we decided to bridge this gap by offering you a convenient way of handling your resale certificates from A-to-Z. Our highly skilled team will handle the entire process accurately so that you can concentrate on scaling your business. “ As a way of improving tax exempt buyer management, all submissions, validations, and related scanned documents are always accessible from one central, convenient and secure area. The platform also provides government grade security with detailed audit trailing for submissions, logins and related actions. Your connection and that of your clients is always secure and encrypted via SSL. All data and documents are stored on our servers in secure data centers and is always encrypted during transfer. About is a cloud-based resale certificates platform that ensures resale certificate compliance using a number of features. The platform supports approved resale certificate forms for all US states that collect sales tax. As the client, you can access your related documentation, proof, and notes from your location. Our company is located in 99 Wall Street New York, NY. You can learn more about our services by visiting our website
Address: 99 Wall Street Suite 3997, New York, NY 10005 United States

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