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Crypto Advantage Software website has been launched by Bitcoin Code Ltd. Crypto Advantage Software is a new System to assist Bitcoin Trading Market.

Crypto Advantage is a new release in the Bitcoin Trading market. It is created and developed by Bitcoin Code Ltd. The Crypto Advantage system is presented as a profitable online investing solution by its developing team. The available information, however does not support this theory.

Crypto Advantage is a newly released automated trading software, designed to deal with binary options. It is created by Steve Mckay who is a co-founder of the company behind the product. The Lead Programmer and developer of the software is called Steve Mckay. The Crypto Advantage system is presented as one of the most powerful trading platforms on the market, and as a result, there are already many reviews, which consist of thorough analyze of its specifics and characteristics.

According to the information, which is available on the official Crypto Advantage website of the auto-trading binary options robot, it places fewer trades than other similar systems, but it generates higher returns. This is stated to be possible thanks to the special implemented algorithm of the platform which lets it pick up only winning opportunities. This information is not verified by any 3rd party and the result is that the operational process and success of the Crypto Advantage system remain unconfirmed and unproven.

The registration procedure of the Crypto Advantage software requires from new members to complete a 3 steps initiation in order for them to receive access to the binary options robot. As a start, they have to fill in the provided form by placing some personal details. Then, Crypto Advantage will transfer you to a broker. This step requires from traders to place initial deposit amount. In the end, online investors get their activated account ready for trading. Depending on their personal preferences, they can either trade manually or automatically, by enabling the autopilot mode of the Crypto Advantage system.

This new binary options trading software is advertised as a fully free to join product. Its creator and developer claim that users won’t be asked to pay anything in order to claim their copy of the Crypto Advantage Software. It turns out that this is not exactly true as each new user of the robot must make an investment. Only then, people will unlock their access to Crypto Advantage and its services.

One of the core functions of every binary options system is its customer support department. It is important because there are many cases in which traders experience difficulties regarding their experience. This is why, the quality of the Crypto Advantage customer support team should be excellent. Here at Crypto Advantage, users are not satisfied with the guidance provided via several different channels: phone, email, and web form.

Taking into consideration all the available information, related to Crypto Advantage and Bitcoin Code services quality, it is obvious that the software is not verified as reliable and authentic income-generating platform, yet. In fact, there are some circumstances that more likely point to the other direction, namely – this binary options robot may be another scam, released on the market. Everyone should proceed with caution when dealing with the Crypto Advantage system.

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