LOS ANGELES – 11-07-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — As the creator of the long-running CSI TV franchise, Anthony E. Zuiker is no stranger to dark or difficult topics. It was Zuiker’s three boys though, in sharing the issues and challenges facing them as kids today, that inspired the idea for Zuiker Press, a new literary house from Anthony and his wife Michelle that champions the voices of young authors. Today, Zuiker Press is proud to announce its first two graphic novels: Mend: A Story of Divorce and Click: A Story of Cyberbullying are now available online and at select Barnes & Noble locations.

Click: A Story of Cyberbullying is the heroic story of a young girl who was terrorized by schoolmates with merciless online harassment and her brave effort to overcome her tormentors. Lexi, from Northridge, California, is ganged up on by a few girls over a misunderstanding on the schoolyard. The incident escalates on social media, local chat boards, and gossip sites. Forced to change schools, Lexi gets her karmic revenge when she returns to her old school for a Winter Formal.  In a gesture of pure bravery, Lexi turns the tables on the “clique” by landing the boy at the dance and her picture in the yearbook. 

Mend: A Story of Divorce is the true account of a courageous girl, Sophia, who takes control of her own story when her parents split up. Just 11 years old when her parents’ divorce, Sophia is heart-broken. Living in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her mom and younger brother and visiting their dad in California, she feels somehow to blame. As Sophia grows older, she becomes more confident and hatches a clever plan. She goes on a charm campaign to make herself more visible and valuable to her mother and father and to make them more dependent on her help and companionship. Then Sophia springs her trap. She insists that her dad move home from California. She’s not asking her parents to get back together. She’s asking them to come together, for the sake of their two children.

“Whether it’s at school, at home, or when you turn on the news, the issues facing children today are unlike ever before. It is imperative that children know they are not alone. This is exactly why we started Zuiker Press,” said Anthony. “The launch of our first two books is a dream come true for Michelle and me, and we will continue to be a champion for these and future authors as well.”

Mend: A Story of Divorce has already hit the #1 New Release spot in the Children’s Abuse Books Category on Amazon, in the first 24 hours of being available for pre-order. It was also the #1 New Release in the Children’s Marriage & Divorce Books category. In addition, the Zuikers are working with schools across the country to place books in classrooms and libraries in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Buffalo and more. 

Zuiker Press authors are all teenagers with extraordinary stories to tell. The victims of classroom shootings, bullying, emotional disorders, racism, gender typing, divorce, migration, and other painful problems, their stories of courage are honest, powerful and inspiring. Each book is in the graphic novel format and features educational support materials at the end to foster a dialog between kids, parents and educators.

Zuiker Press is distributed by Simon & Schuster. For more information and cover images, visit the Zuiker Press website at zuikerpress.com

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